Daily Photo: Cat Shadows

shadows of two cats
Cat Shadows

About the only time Mimi will be larger than Mewsette, their shadows and the shadows of leaves fall on the floor in bright morning sun.

We so enjoy looking out the basement door in the morning while I ride my bike and do laundry and even work on projects first thing in the morning (especially now that the water situation is completely fixed and we have a dry basement again, at least until the next time it rains). We’ll open the basement door as often as possible even if it’s snowing, though it doesn’t stay open long in that case, but summer mornings are the best. The sights and sounds and smells, little critters scurrying past and flying around, the warm sunshine, we could spend all morning down there and not even notice. Beautiful summer mornings are all too few, and as many as possible should simply be enjoyed.

So Mimi is balanced on the spring that holds the door shut and the ledge across the middle while Mewsette sits quietly on the step.

cats and shadows at door
Cats and Shadows

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What photos did I post on this date in previous years?


A Box for…Almost Everyone, 2013
five black cats in boxes
A box for everyone, and everyone in their box.

Good thing I went to the grocery story and came back with boxes just in time for their naps!.

Two of the boys did have to double up, but they can live with that. Mewsette, ironically, got the smallest box. Even when they’re not “together”, they are still together.

They were in the kitchen napping all afternoon while I was working in my studio, relatively black-cat-hair-free. Guess I’ll finish cleaning the kitchen later…

. . . . . . .

Is Life a Bowl of Cherries if You’re a Cat?, 2012
black cat with fruit bowl of cherries and peaches
Is life a bowl of cherries? And what if it has peaches in it?

Mewsette tries to determine if life is a bowl of cherries, especially if your bowl of cherries has a few peaches in it. Is it then a peachy bowl of cherries? Or is life a bowl of cherries only if it’s peachy? Or is life a bowl of cherries and peachy at the same time?

I set the fruit bowl on the cabinet in the center of the kitchen so that I could enjoy a cherry each time I walked past as I was cooking. Nearly every cat in the world will insist upon inspecting what you are eating—how dare you consume something without offering some to your feline? And if other cats are anything like the ones I live with, they will try to like what you are eating, even if it’s clear from the start they have no interest.

But cherries have two attributes that raise their level in the eyes of cats. First, they have exciting little stems upon which one can poke her nose and sneeze. One can also pick up said cherry by said stem, just because she can. And cherries are, more or less, round, and will obligingly roll around on the counter, even leaping dramatically off the edge to land on the floor below. It’s really cool to watch them fall.

So Mewsette has decided that, if life really is a bowl of cherries, then it’s full of exciting opportunities if you use your imagination.

Mewsette came up with a different answer this year as she philosophically takes an existential point of view.

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