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Daily Photo: How It Works Out Sometimes

two black cats on cat bed
Emeraude and Bean have an understanding.

It may look as if it’s going to be a slapfest, but it was actually a nose tap and forehead lick. Bean always wins them over. A little later they were napping just as they were the other day.

Emeraude has been scratching at her door when it’s closed sometimes, and I just can’t live with that. She’s both feeling well enough and familiar enough with the rest of her feline family that she wants company! I have to put her food away when I open the door so it can’t be open for too long, but then she’s also good at letting me know when she’s hungry again too, so I don’t have to guess.

The scene today and the rest of the photos here are from this morning after she’d finished her breakfast and scratched on the door, meowing. Bean was waiting outside, probably telling her he was out there and wanted to say hello. I opened the door and Emeraude came out and Bean went in. He checked for food and she sat on her stoop for a while, settling on a piece of cardboard. The other night I came upstairs and found her loafing in the box with the boys around her. It was dark and all the cats were black, no photos.

black cat on cardboard
Emmie “sitting on the stoop”.

When she went back into her room, this is what she found. She looks especially small because we are looking straight down on her.

black cats
Little Emeraude and three big black cats.

Not to worry. Emeraude has another favorite spot in the room—in fact I often find her up here anyway.

four black cats
This is how it worked out today.

Later she came out to meow on the landing. Usually I can just say to the boys, “Okay boys, you need to leave,” and wave my hand toward the door, and they do. Really, they do. I am the most fortunate cat guardian in this way. They are the nicest cats I’ve ever met and nearly always do what I ask. Not this time, though—they were really relaxed and deeply sleeping so I had to pick up each one and set him on the landing where they arched their backs and squinted at finding themselves somewhere they hadn’t anticipated.

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2013: The Lurker
black cat in cardboard box
Mr. Sunshine, professional lurker with beautiful eyes.

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2012: Little Colored Sticks

You really need to click to the article to see what Mr. Sunshine has to say about my little colored sticks.

black cat with pastels
Mr. Sunshine considers what he’d do with those little colored sticks of mine.

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8 thoughts on “Daily Photo: How It Works Out Sometimes

  • Denise

    Your pictures and the words surrounding them are so enchanting…I suppose it helps that your kitties are so photogenic. And I hadn’t really noticed before that Emeraude had longer fur – she really is a beautiful little girl.

    Hugs & kisses to them from my crew 🙂

    • Denise, she has “undecided” fur, what you might call shaggy, that’s why it’s not really clear. All kitties are photogenic, though!

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    emeruade doez R hearts good ta see ewe settlin in like thiz…troo lee….
    N see…boys iz knot sew bad…iz they….sew dont listen ta what cha mite
    of hurd bout uz…boys… !! hay, hope everee one haza cod kinda caturday
    anda salmon samich sunday !!!

    • Tabbies, Emeraude lived with a fur brother for all her life–that big old Lakota who thought he was a god! She’s not concerned with these three.

  • Maureen Chatwin

    Mimi and Mewsette don’t visit?? Seems strange that the boys are more compassionate. Maybe they are just nosier!!

    • Maureen, they haven’t settled in there yet. Mewsette has stopped in for a nose tap and Mimi figures she will wait until Emmie wants to join the household and then she’ll help her settle in. That’s what they’ve done with others too.

  • If she wants to go out, she needs it. They are good for her, for sure. Beautiful black healers, even if they take possesion of her bed.

    • Maru, I always equate it with my parents and older relatives when they were older–they needed to talk to others and just be near people more often to keep their minds alert, and that helped their physical bodies too.


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