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Daily Photo: Brotherly Love and Buttering (Up)

two black cats
Bean and Emeraude

Jelly Bean settles next to Emeraude, purring. I’m sure his purr is shaking the bed. It shakes my bed. He gave Emmie a little bath and settled down next to her in that way Bean has, solid, stable, comforting. Emmie didn’t seem to mind at all. His ulterior motive was probably her bowl of food, which he did not get, but I can tell it makes him feel good to be nice.

Emeraude has been feeling well, and not so well. When she feels good it’s as if nothing is wrong, though she is also receiving a small dose of prednisone which is part of the reason for feeling fine and having a good appetite. But she has many times in between when she kind of hunches on her bed; this is why Bean is next to her, to try to comfort her a bit. But she’s feeling “okay”.

Below, one of her favorite things is to steal bites of her food as I’m preparing it. I mix her medications with it and add water, but before I do she often gets up like this and gets her face in the bowl—it always makes me laugh, and I always let her do it. It’s not as if she’s been out of food at all or for very long, but the smell of a fresh can of food is just too much for her, she can’t control her impulses. I think Emeraude and food have been good friends all her life, and eating might be the last thing to go.

black cat eating from sink
Emeraude caught stealing her food.

Another late night and Emeraude came cruising into the studio where the other black cats were all rolled up in balls asleep, looked at Mimi behind the door, came to me working at my easel, smelled everything and stood there inside one of Mewsette’s creations. Simple things are sometimes best.

black cat sniffing box
The night visitor.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Brotherly Love and Buttering (Up)

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  • I always like to hear how Emeraude is doing, good or bad. What a great friend Bean is, too. Emeraude is lucky to be with you guys; no one better!

    • Lynda, thanks so much! I love being able to report on her. We’ve had some bad nights and I can see her moving more slowly, but then she perks up and makes the most of it.

  • Good for Bean!
    Looks huge next to her.
    I don’t mind if he is trying to get some of her food and neither does she, a good purr is so good for the spirit.
    Ups and downs are part of life, but these months with you and the fantastic five have been ‘ups’ for Emma, me thinks.

    • Bean is truly the comfort kitty, Maru, and after being a little skeptical she’s grown to enjoy their visits. They don’t get any of her food though–it’s a prescription food and I mix her medications into it, but surely that wouldn’t stop them.


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