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Daily Photo: Evening Light

What the evening sun does to cats.
What the evening sun does to cats.

You never realize how many whiskers there are until you see them all highlighted in the sun. And they just go everywhere! Jelly Bean is sleeping sitting up. A purr-fect pre-dinner nap idea!

Below, a view before he fell asleep.

Another view, nicely outlined down the front.
Another view, nicely outlined down the front.

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Smokie is glad it’s Friday, little fangs and all! I’m not sure he knows he has a big day coming up tomorrow…

Smokie is totally distracting!
Smokie is totally distracting!

Kitten cuteness! Zorro and Blondie.

Don’t look at him, look at me!

The secret kitten paw touch.

Don't look at him, look at me!
Don’t look at him, look at me! Zorro and Blondie
 The secret kitten paw touch. Zorro and Blondie.
The secret kitten paw touch. Zorro and Blondie.

Hiding in the sink, getting a break from the kids. Less than a week and they can get just about everywhere.

No mama cat here!
No mama cat here!


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Wordless Wednesday: With Some of Your Own, 2014
five black cats
Getting together with others like you–hope everyone at BlogPaws has a great time!

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Sleeping on the Desk, 2012
tortoiseshell cat sleeping on desk
Kelly is spending time on my desk again.

Look at those legs! This is one of those sleeping positions of Kelly’s where she looks like a pile of legs. And she is so relaxed, her head falling back a little bit more every so often. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Kelly like this. I’m so happy to be sharing my desk with her again.

Kelly has been grieving Cookie very deeply, and no doubt the loss of all her older friends who used to help her feel protected. She was used to being the youngest of the household, then she was the youngest of the group of seniors, now she’s the only one left. She’d been growing more and more withdrawn over the past few months, curling up in a corner on top of the refrigerator or book case in the kitchen, or deep in the entertainment center, and at the back of the bottom shelf of a cabinet in the kitchen, eating less and feeling awful.

Playful and affectionate but timid, Kelly is intimidated by all of the black cats even though I took months to introduce them knowing more than one new cat at a time sends her into hiding. The kids want to play, and that would be fine, perhaps, one at a time, but that’s not how it works with the Fantastic Four and she feels surrounded and threatened. She was friends with Mimi before the kittens officially became part of the household and likely would be friends again, but sometimes I think all Kelly sees is black cats and doesn’t try to distinguish who it is she is looking at.

I’ve consistently given her time out in the bathroom where she is comfortable and fed her special noon meal there. I used a series of essences and also changed her diet entirely over to a raw diet. I bring her to be with me wherever I am even if she doesn’t stay, and I began taking her outside with me for a few minutes every so often.

Kelly is 18 this year and I want her geriatric years to be happy and comfortable, and I can’t expect her to do all the changing to accommodate the changes in our house. In all these years she’s had a relationship with the older cats who she considered her protectors first, then with me, and she likes me but we needed to build a new relationship. And so we’ve been working on it. I had even considered fostering or adopting a senior kitty if that would make her feel better, but I need another cat…like I need another cat (I use this phrase in place of “like I need a hole in my head”, or such comparative that describes something I really don’t need at all). I will never replace her older feline friends with another kitty or with myself, but we can deepen our trust.

Read about Kelly’s story: A Little Bit About Kelly.

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Shop Cat: Coco, the Junkyard Cat, 2014
gray cat on counter
Coco, the auto recycling cat.

So I walk into the office of the auto recycling yard where my beloved old pink Escort was towed over the weekend, car title in hand to pick up my check for the scrap value of the car. The last thing I expect to see in the midst of ringing phones and people talking and machinery running outside and inside is a perfectly relaxed handsome cat stretched out on the counter, properly primer gray, and air-kneading and purring amidst it all.

gray cat on counter
Coco, air kneading and purring hard.

Apparently this was his spot since all other boxes of car parts and paperwork were crowded at either end of the counter.

gray cat
Coco has his spot on the counter, the car parts and paperwork have theirs.

Really, I’ve been to this place before and the counter is usually stacked with boxed of parts and paperwork and other stuff. This time it was primarily the cat. This is what he looked like as I walked in, saw him, and took a quick photo in case he’d run for some reason—what would make me think that?

gray cat on counter
The scene when I walked in.

A customer was also there and had been petting him, and he was the person who told me Coco’s name. Coco apparently approved of our approval of him as he gave us a total belly view. This cat is the very meaning of “nonplussed”.

gray cat stretching
Belleh shot.

As we transacted the transaction for my car I got a little information on Coco. I now the auto recycling yard is along the river and there are abandoned buildings near, a perfect area for cats to show up since there’d be a ready food source in rodents, plus lots of safe cover in the buildings and in the cars all along the lot. Here’s what the rest of the place looks like.

The auto recycling lot.
The auto recycling lot.

They mentioned there are a few other cats around and it seems a mom cat chose the place for her kittens. No others were as outgoing as Coco, but all were spayed and neutered and were fed regularly, and petted if they so chose to accept.

Necessities for a junkyard/auto recycling operation: cat food, aloe plant, car parts.
Necessities for a junkyard/auto recycling operation: cat food, aloe plant, car parts.

“It’s just all in a day’s work,” said Coco in a brief moment of awareness before slipping off to dreamland once again.

gray cat on counter

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