Daily Photo: Bird on the Rocker

three cat silhouettes
There’s a bird on the rocker.

That was the big story this morning as I worked on a project, did some laundry, and rode my exercise bicycle in the basement and we all enjoyed a lovely sunny morning. Birds are migrating, and all the wildflowers in the garden were full of sparrows stopping for a break, swinging back and forth on tall stems of many-flowered asters not yet blooming, picking around in poufs of goldenrod, gossiping perched on the tops of tomato stakes and investigating all plants and objects for food and water. Several birds came near the door, and one landed on the edge of the old rocker outside and looked fearlessly in at the row of black cats eyeing him through the screen. Mewsette, Giuseppe and Sunshine certainly got their adrenaline workout this morning.

black cat in garden
Mimi watches me from the patio
black cat in grass
Mimi happily runs to me.

Later, after hanging out the laundry and checking on the garden, Mimi eyes me from the patio because I’m sitting in the grass, trying to get the best angle on my row of eggplants, ripening as they still produce blossoms. What is that crazy human doing? She tried to act disinterested, but Mimi can only pull that off for a short moment and turned and ran to me, excited that her human was on her level and we could both have a great time in the grass.

Mimi loves to run, and she runs all over the back yard. when we first go outside, she hangs on the deck until she’s sure I’m coming down to the yard, then she leaps down the stairs and across the grass to the picnic table, up on the bench, and has a good scratch. I am to meet her there and we spend some time with love and kisses, and remember other kitties (see Cookie, below, from 2011), and possibly even Mimi’s own time out there before she came in from the cold, or heat, as it was late July. I don’t use her harness and leash at the moment, after enough of that I think we have an understanding that I love it so much when she stays in the yard with me. She does wear her bell collar, and the happy little jingle seems to complement her happy leaps and sprints.

Alas, we are never out long enough for either of us, 15 minutes at the most on any day, but it’s enough for memories. She is the next in a long line of garden cats.

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If you don’t see enough cat pictures on the internet each day, here and there I’d like to share a few other sites that I enjoy. The Cat Museum of San Francisco has a website where you can read all about their mission, but the real fun is on their Facebook page, and don’t worry if you are not a Facebook member—the site is open and anyone can view it. All day long you’ll be able to enjoy recent and file photos of the famous, stars of screen and script, politicians, authors and others with their cats, or with cats in general, as well as artwork depicting cats.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Bird on the Rocker

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  • September 5, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    we hope yur mom B doez knot plan on sittin on de rocker any kinda time soon guys coz now it bee infezted by burd
    🙂 ~~~~~

    • September 6, 2013 at 10:56 am

      Tabbies, sadly one of my favorite rockers would only hold the weight of a bird on the seat now. Just wait, though–in winter I put a bird feeder outside the door, which has a window, so the kids and I can watch them at the feeder while I rice my exercise bike! They’ll be perching all over the chair.

  • September 4, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    what is it with cats sitting on pizza boxes? My cats would do that when I got takeout too!

    • September 4, 2013 at 8:52 pm

      They’re warm. And they’re cardboard. And they are yours.


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