Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Daily Photo: Amber Buttercup Customizes Her Window

orange cat in window
Amber Buttercup give me an audience.

I can never pass up an opportunity to photograph Amber Buttercup whenever I walk past her house. After three years she seems to be resigning herself to this intrusion on her sunbathing privacy.

You can see she has customized her mini-blind to allow several access points into her sunny space, and liberally left her mark on the window. Love the pink toes pressed against the glass.

I had wanted to actually do a sketch here of the view seen below, but decided I really didn’t have time to run a block home and get my sketchbag, sketch, and be on with my errands, but I will be certain to take my sketch bag with me from now on, along with my camera…I think I need a friendly little pack h0rse too.

orange cat in window
Might have sketched this…

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5 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Amber Buttercup Customizes Her Window

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  • i love the mustardy yellows in the brick, the cat and the stained glass. if you do a painting at home, you can “re-structure” the image so the stained glass is right above the cat. no one REALLY needs to see that much venetian blind, now do they? ;-D

    • Great idea, Sparky! I liked the twigs and their shadows too, for a little interest, and another (no surprise I have several of her) where you can see the entire stained glass window. I picture lots of saturated color!

  • maruclavier

    I do like this one… the cropped one.


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