Compositions in Black and Green, Cards and Prints

Compositions in Black and Green Greeting Cards
Compositions in Black and Green Greeting Cards

Who knew that vintage mint green sink would photograph in such a rich tone, especially when filled with a black cat? From the time I installed the new bathroom, the black cats owned it and the contrast of their black fur with the mint green fixtures and white walls and floor has been stunning and created some of the most favorite photos in my cat collection. I have these wonderful images available as a set of greeting cards and as individual greeting cards as well as photo prints on paper and canvas.

Images in this set

They were hard to narrow down, but each of the four can be used in various ways—friendship, sympathy, get well, hello, family greetings, or just be seen as interesting photos.

The set includes two familiar images, but really focuses on one kitty—Jelly Bean! “Gosh, I’m Cute” pictures Jelly Bean admiring himself in the mirror long offered as a greeting card, and “Have a Drink With Family” shows the Fantastic Four all drinking from the sink faucet at the same time. The new designs are “Composition in Green and Black”, offered by request but one of my favorite atmospheric images of Jelly Bean dozing in the sun on the edge of the sink, and “Toe Cleaning in Green and Black”, the Bean once again in a close-up capture of activity with the mint green sink reflecting on Bean’s black fur and paws. On the back is the story of the photo.

Composition in Black and Green

Composition in Black and Green, the inspiration.
Composition in Black and Green, the inspiration.

Jelly Bean enjoys being washed in spring sunlight as I enjoy how the pattern of the window muntins falls across the wall, the sink and him. What you can’t hear in this photo is Jelly Bean’s loud, vigorous purr as it echoes in the sink, truly an amazing percussive technique.

I loved the look of this image as soon as I saw Bean quietly resting on the edge of the sink, all its shades of green lit by the spring sunlight, Bean’s pleasantly rounded shape contrasting with geometric shadows of the window frame and muntins, and even before I photographed it the idea of a series of photos on this theme was born, including even the name. I already had a number of photos in the theme of black and green and knew I’d get more, and even to this day I am photographing more “compositions in black and green”.

This very photo was the inspiration for this series of greeting cards, and the calendar of the same name, giving me a focus for the whole series of images.

Gosh, I’m Cute.

Gosh, I'm Cute!
Gosh, I’m Cute!

Jelly Bean is about as cute as cute can be and he knows how to use it.

This photo has a popularity of its own—what are the chances I’d catch Bean at his toilette? In fact, the very old bathroom was being renovated after a disaster involving all those leaky things. The four black kittens had been fostered in that room and just presumed you were supposed to drink from leaky faucets because it was so fun. They were in there immediately as soon as it was safe, Jelly Bean sitting in a completely new vintage sink in a different spot, waiting for the salvaged faucet to drip. And admiring himself in my temporary mirror.

Have a Drink With Family

Have a Drink With Family
Have a Drink With Family

Especially if you’re the Parched Puddies having your daily drink in the mint green sink and the drink is water! It’s Giuseppe, Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette, who were fostered in the “old” bathroom, before it was remodeled, and everything leaked. They grew up assuming you could drink out of any faucet, and still, years later, gather in the bathroom sink in twos, threes and fours, asking for a drink.

People don’t believe me that they not only do this nearly every day, but they do it together! Here is proof.

Toe Cleaning in Black and Green

Toe Cleaning in Black and Green
Toe Cleaning in Black and Green

A kitty having a bath in the sink is not terribly noteworthy, but in 2009 I was still discovering the magic of black and green and the green reflection of the sink on Jelly Bean’s fur and especially his toe pads, was enchanting, but I like this photo most for its somewhat abstract quality with its natural blurs and fades.

Use them for all-purpose greeting cards, sympathy, thinking of you, friendship, or find some stylish frames for 5″ x 7″ images and frame them for your walls.

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black cats in sink
Mr. Sunshine turns on the charm

Another image from their days “in the sink”.

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