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Cats for Adoption: I’d Like to Sit in Your Sun Puddle

tabby cat with white toes
Mickey would like to sit in your sun puddle so you can admire him.

I’d be just as handsome in a sun puddle on your floor as I am in my foster home. Don’t you think I’m handsome? And I’ll bring along one or two of my equally handsome and beautiful siblings so you can just sit and look at us all day. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

silver tabby cat
ZZ likes zzzzz.
tabby cat with white paws
Ike is looking distinguished.
silver tabby cat
Crystal is very playful

These are four of six cats who are nearly a year old, are spayed and neutered and have all their veterinary work done. All are tabbies, with a mix of black tabbies and gray tabbies, friendly, playful, accustomed to other cats, dogs and people. They have been fostered since they were kittens by our featured foster household, where Baxter and Bailey live. All were rescued by, and available for adoption through, Frankie’s Friends.

Mama Kitty and Bebes Brought In From the Cold

tortoiseshell cat
Tortoiseshell mama kitty.

In a dramatic overnight rescue four kittens and their tortie mom were brought in from the cold.

Apparently a call came in from a woman managing a feral colony that a cat in her colony had given birth to kittens under her deck and were living in a laundry basket with a towel.

“Bebes” safe in a cage

Two particular rescuers went out to retrieve them at about midnight, just in time to beat the mini ice storm we had this morning. “Gotta love when I call at 11:30 at night to go help me to trap a mom that just had four kittens outside and he says see you in 10 minutes,” said one rescuer of another—as the two who are out trapping cats most frequently in all weather.

The little family will stay indoors to be fostered and given all the veterinary care they need. The two orange tabbies and two torties will be up for adoption after spay and neuter, and if mama cat turns out to be a nice girl she will be up for adoption as well. We’ll be seeing these kitties in the next few months as they grow.

Adopt So Foster Home Can Help More Kittens

two kittens with toys
Fred and Barney and lots of toys.

Fred and Barney are truly ready for a home of their own. Their change from hostile feral kittens about to the euthanized to playful, affectionate young cats is an example of what a loving foster home can do for cats given a second chance.

Both of them play constantly and absolutely adore the poodle they live with. They’ve been handled by lots of people and Fred is a little shy, but both are friendly with strangers, especially if the strangers play with them.

Their foster mom is ready to foster other kittens as well, and just in time for the litters of kittens being rescued right now. Help to open up a foster home for rescued kittens who might also be feral or need medical treatment of injuries or illnesses they’ve suffered while on the streets. Let me know if you are interested in these two and I’ll put you in touch with the foster home.

Rescuer Moving, Merchandise on Sale, and Donation

Vintage ornaments from Dandelion's Vintage.
Vintage ornaments from Dandelion’s Vintage.

Help a feline foster, and help the Homeless Cat Management Team!

The person who fostered Greta and Stash and has worked with a number of animal sheltering organizations around Pittsburgh will be leaving in June for Rochester where her husband will have his residency. She maintains a shop on Etsy named “Dandelion’s Vintage” selling “…vintage and antique items from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and a few from the 1980s, including: jewelry, clothing, shoes, books, cookbooks, sheet music, sewing patterns, material, glassware, silverware, serving ware, art glass, photographs, ephemera, collectibles, sports memorabilia, cameras, radios, stamps, aprons, and many more random things.”

She’s offering 25% off her entire store with coupon code “moving” at checkout. She will also donate 10% of her profits to HCMT. Etsy doesn’t have this type of donation set up so let her know know you saw the HCMT donation and she’ll collect the amount for donation.

Low-cost Spay Neuter Opportunity with Frankie’s Friends Van

Frankie's Friends Cat Rescue
Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue

A feral colony manager who feeds five colonies each day (about 100 cats) discovered another colony of about 25 cats eating scraps and garbage. There were several pregnant females, all need TNR, and the Frankies’ Friends Mobile Spay/Neuter Unit will come to take care of all of them at once, but needs about 40 cats to make the trip worth it. The colony cats would be done at no charge, paying customers would help to offset the cost.

If enough cats can be found, the date would be in April. Charges are:

  • Rescue cats – Female $50, Male $35
  • No ear-tipping extra $5
  • Rabies vaccine, $8
  • FVCRP, $10

Call the HCMT hotline at 412-321-4060 to let them know you would be able to use the van.

All feline photos in this article were provided by the foster homes. All cats in this article are in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

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If you can’t adopt of foster, consider donating to Frankie’s Friends, the Homeless Cat Management Team, or the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center of Western PA where many of these cats and kittens are fostered from and will go for adoption.

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy.
Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!


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