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Cats and Dogs and Bunnies and Ferrets at BlogPaws, and a Few People

cat dressed as gentleman
Brighton the Edwardian gentleman.

Meet Brighton in his dapper Edwardian gentleman’s costume; even though the photo is a little blurry, I love the expression on his face. The hat shortly came off, but the rest of the outfit seemed to suit him just fine as he posed next to his hat. Giuseppe wants to know if Mlle. Daisy Emerald would like to see him in such an outfit. I would think she would like that very much! Brighton was also featured yesterday in photos and sketches, but I just can’t pass up Brighton and Disco when they’re dressed for a party.

I went to BlogPaws this past weekend, and the greatest fun was meeting all the other bloggers I’ve “virtually” met and putting a face with the name. But looking at the photos I took it’s not clear that there were actually humans there since most of my photos were the animal attendees—cats, dogs and a bunny and ferrets!

Yes, this is where I have been since Thursday, and despite the fact I’d set up posts to post ahead of time, my Netbook and the hotel’s connection were so poor I didn’t get much accomplished despite my plans. I even missed an entire day! But don’t worry, nothing is wrong, and thanks for everyone’s concern who asked. I’ll just have to plan better next time.

I’m posting a selection of photos from the weekend, in no particular order. I thought I’d photographed more people, but for the most part only humans holding animals made it into my photos…I lost my cheat sheet of names I’d recorded from people and animals I didn’t know, so I don’t have all the animals, people and blogs in the captions, but click the images to go to the blog association with the human or the animal in the photo if there is one.

woman with cat
Amy Palmer with Odilia.
woman with cat
Connie with Odilia from Tails from the Foster Kittens–I adore little Odilia, and you’ll be hearing more about her this week!
woman with cat
Rachel Shubin of Sandpiper Cat blog with Disco wearing dreadlocks.
woman with Sphynx cat
Teri Thorsteinson of Curlz and Swirlz and Brighton with “the hair”–I can fully relate to the hair.
gray and white kitten
Triscuit and her mom from Random Felines.
Another woman with three Cornish Rex cats in a stroller, and dressed up.
Cho Meir with her Cornish Rex Maus, both in flowers.
two women with ferrets
Deb Barnes of Zee and Zoey with two rescued ferrets.


woman with rabbit
Rabbit Rescuer with a Flemish Giant rabbit–yes, he was very big!
four women with dog
Sitting on the floor in a sunpuddle with your dog is perfectly acceptable at BlgoPaws.
dog with lion cut
Charles the Monarch, Lion Dog–click the photo to read how a person called 911 thinking they’d seen a real lion when they saw Charles.
The bulldog who liked me–he and I made eyes at each other as we sat in a seminar. His person told me he liked my cat ears…okay, I wore black cat ears the entire weekend.
debbie glovatsky, robin olson, dorian wagner, ingrid king, tamar arslanian, janea kelly, angie holland bailey
…oh, and a few people, fellow bloggers! Names and links are in the copy below this photo.

Bloggers from some cat blogs you might also read: Debbie Glovatsky from Glogirly, Robin A.F. Olson from Covered in Cat Hair, Dorian Wagner from Your Daily Cute, Ingrid King from The Conscious Cat, Tamar Arslanian of I Have Cat, JaneA Kelly of Paws and Effect, and Angie Holland Bailey of Catladyland. By the way, that’s water in all those glasses. It was wonderful to meet everyone I hadn’t met, and see again those I’d met before! Congratulations to everyone who won blogging awards too!

Browse some rescued cats and kittens!

cats for adoption

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11 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs and Bunnies and Ferrets at BlogPaws, and a Few People

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  • All the photos made me smile and are so ‘You’ in that they all show the bond we have with our companions. Let me know if I can use any of the photos of my kitties on my blog (didn’t want to just grab them and run)…I will link back to your blog, too.

    • Teri, thanks! Anything you want is fine with me–and I have more too! I have to take it easy on my hands with all this photo editing (I’m photographing a huge volume of my merchandise right now too). I have a no-right-click script on my site so if you can’t get them let me know and I’ll post them to your FB page or e-mail.

  • How cool it is to see pics from BlogPaws!!
    As it is unlikely I will ever attend, it is fun to see and hear about the event.
    All the critters look so cute 🙂

    • We had a few Canadians this time! I know it’s not easy though–and besides that, someone would complain about you being away!

  • TW and Plush CK were very happy to get to talk with you at Blogpaws. The Catty Stacks got home safe and sound. Loved meeting everyone both 2-legged and 4-legged.

    • Cathy Keisha, we girls with street smarts have to stick together! Our humans think they have it all under control, but they haven’t seen what we can do. We can’t wait to see you in the “stacks”. Greetings from me and my children and we’re so glad our human had a chance to meet you! ~Mimi

  • that is a really good picture of Odilia, and I didn’t want to run screaming at that photo of me either (which is saying a LOT!) I am so looking forward to your next post on her! 🙂

    • I really wanted to catch your special relationship, Connie, and that’s what made the photo beautiful. Talk to you soon!

  • What a great line up – animals and human! 🙂 Sounds like it was a great time! I think I would cower in my room most of the time, the noise would be overpowering! lol

    • Carolyn, I am usually here in my little house with my five cats listening to classical music in a quiet neighborhood, and if I’m out with people it’s a couple of hours at an art opening or something. Put me on a plane and send me to be with over 500 people for four days and it’s like culture shock! But we all had something in common and as long as I have my camera and sketch pad I can get a little break, and that worked for me.


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