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You wouldn’t guess that stories of rescued animals make my world go around. I think the more we share these stories the stronger our bonds become with the animals in our lives and those around us, and with each other as those who share their lives with animals, and reaffirm what we do in rescue even as much of the world seems set against it.

When a fellow writer asked if she could guest post about her newly-published book of stories about the connections she has witnessed between animals and people and how they tend to rescue us as much as we rescue them I knew it was a definite post.

A4A Logo
A4A Logo

Stacey Ritz co-founded Advocates 4 Animals in Xenia, OH in 2003 hoping to change the lives of animals in shelters and county pounds and introduce “no kill” methods of sheltering animals to their area. Inspired by a little cat named Princess, they hoped to end neglect and homelessness for cats in Greene County, OH, by offering Feral Cat and Spay It Forward programs, Pet Food Pantry, Senior and “Hard to Adopt” Pet Adoption and Rescue/Adoption programs. They also rescue and rehome dogs of all ages, and the stories in this book are taken from those rescues, both dogs and cats.

I most recently talked to Stacey as I wrote an article for Rescue Me magazine about the successful adoptions of six senior pets, one of them being a cat named Buddy who was the subject of one of Ritz’s stories on the organization’s website and is also one of the stories in this book.

Each story is a chapter, and begins with a quote that leads you in. I can tell you the stories are touching, and once you pick it up you probably won’t put it down until you’re done and you’ve cried a few times. What’s best is that each sale helps support the continued rescue of cats and dogs by Advocates 4 Animals. I’ll let Stacey tell the rest.

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Pawsitive Connection: The Little Heartbeat At My Feet

Guest blogger Stacey Ritz shares heartwarming stories from her new book, Pawsitive Connection (Rockville Publishing, 2014). With more than a decade as the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. Ritz delivers smile after smile in her new collection of short stories. A portion of the proceeds from this book’s sales benefit life-saving feline rescue efforts.

Adopting or saving the life of a pet in need brings great rewards. Often the rescued pets save us, when we thought we were really saving them. In more than a decade of helping rescue cats and dogs, Advocates 4 Animals has saved thousands of lives. In Pawsitive Connection (Rockville Publishing, October 2014) I share more than a dozen stories of rescue in an e-book you can call all your own. Pawsitive Connection is a collection of true stories demonstrating the mystical ways rescue animals find us when we need them the most.


When Sally met Harry a little black and white stray dog, she didn’t know the impact he would have on her life. Without realizing it, Sally was entering an enormous transition in her own life. Her children were grown and the last one was moving out of the house and on with her own life. Sally was an empty-nester and unsure of her new territory. Longing to nurture, Harry walked into her life at just the right time. Not only that, but Harry saw Sally through a particularly difficult time in her life when the health of her own father suddenly took a turn for the worse. Sally and Harry’s story takes twists and turns that no one could have ever expected. Theirs is one of many stories shared that will leave you in awe.

Pawsitive Connection is filled with one-of-a-kind true stories from nursing home cats helping the elderly, funeral home dogs aiding the grieving to serendipitous rescues that will have your jaw dropping to the ground with amazement. The connecting theme of every short story included in the book is rooted in the astonishing way that animals find their way to us when we need them most- even when we don’t know it yet.

Polly and Portia, two rescued Bengal cats, were saved from cruel circumstances and written off by everyone but their rescue volunteer foster parents. With time, patience and a lot of love the two girls made a full physical, social and emotional recovery with one moving on in life to become a proud therapy cat. Their story along with others which are sure to bring happy tears to your eyes, are shared in Pawsitive Connection.

Grandma on the cover.
Grandma on the cover.

Pets can help us heal, they can change our perspective on a situation or circumstance, they can help us laugh when we need it the most too! The stories come from more than a decade of work in the animal rescue and welfare field and as my work continues, so will the stories. This is Volume I of the series. Volume II will make its debut in 2015 – stay tuned! Pawsitive Connection is available now on Amazon (Kindle) for just $2.99. A portion of all proceeds are donated to help life-saving rescue efforts. Purchase your copy today and tell a friend! The more copies that are sold, the more lives that can be saved.

Click here to order your copy of Pawsitive Connection now, just $2.99! Your purchase helps save lives in need.

Co-Founders Amy Beatty and Stacey Ritz
Co-Founders Amy Beatty and Stacey Ritz

AUTHOR BIO: Stacey Ritz is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Advocates 4 Animals, Inc and is a regular contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul books as well CAT FANCY, Dog Living, American Pet Magazine and more. Be sure to follow Stacey’s blog, Kitties in the City (Everything cats from a quirky cat-aholic!). Her new book, Pawsitive Connection (Rockville Publishing); a portion of the proceeds from each book sold will help animals in need. Click here to order your copy today!

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I don’t want anyone to miss a good book, so for those of you who do not own a Kindle reader, you can download a free app for your computer, tablet or smartphone to read Kindle books! That’s what I do. Visit this page on

All images in this post were provided by Stacey Ritz.

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