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Adoptable Cats: Two Loving Cats, Pretty Rescued Kitty, and Helping Cats

lilac-point kitten
Lost Lynx Point-looking Cat

This lovely lynx-point-looking kitty showed up on the doorstep of a person in the Pittsburgh are who has already rescued eight cats in difficult financial and family circumstances.

Kathleen, the kitty’s rescuer, says:

I love cats! Attached is a photo of a kitten or cat (guessing about 1-2 yrs old) who showed up at our home one cold rainy night pawing at the window & crying for help. She immediately adapted to the indoors & was definitely somebody’s beloved pet. But she’s been lost for quite a while & may have traveled quite a distance, weighing only 5.6 lbs when found.

She goes on to explain that she lost her job at the beginning of the year and, along with her sister, has been staying with elderly and ill parents, taking care of them. Two years ago they took in a young cat who had four kittens and they kept them all at the time. This year another mother cat showed up with her four babies, they found homes for three kittens and kept the last kitten and mother cat who had a life-threatening URI. She still needs care, and the kitten needs to be spayed. In addition she is feeding another cat and kitten outdoors who she can’t catch.

Kathleen has done quite a bit on behalf of homeless cats in her area. Another cat in these circumstances is just too much. Other family members are not happy about all the cats. She is trying to find the cat’s original owners, but really needs to find a foster home or a permanent home for now. Her rescuer asks that you also share this kitty’s photo in the hopes that an owner might respond.

She was found near the Latrobe Airport in Western Pennsylvania. Kathleen can be reached at this email address: [email protected], or by mobile phone at 304-281-7601.

two nice cats
Joey and Nittany need a home.

Joey (7-year-old male) and Nittany (8-year-old male) have been raised together and are best friends. They need a loving home and lots of attention. They have never been outdoor cats – they much prefer to cuddle on the couch. They crave hugs and are extremely loyal.  This picture isn’t a rare shot – they really are best friends! They are both neutered, declawed and up-to-date on shots. Food, litter and all feline accessories will come along with the cats.

Their current person writes:

We would help with the financial costs of taking in two cats. We would provide a great supply of food and litter, plus three litter boxes and two carriers. Before we had our children, we had these two cats and love them as much as we love our kids. Our youngest daughter is allergic and we are forced with the painful decision of trying to find them a new home. They are such great pets, and friends as they have been raised together. Nittany (nicknamed Nit-Nit by the kids) is in the center of all the action and likes to “talk.” Joey (nicknamed Joe-Joe) is the cuddly one. He is so sweet with the kids and actually lets them lay on him like he is a pillow. I think he likes it more than they do!

Please call Kelly at 412-720-5712  or email at [email protected] if you are interested.

four kittens
Four lovely kittens.

Several other cats and kittens listed recently still need homes, including these four kittens born in August. They are being privately fostered near Pittsburgh.

black cat on steps
Yin is looking for a home.

Also, just a few of the cats and kittens rescued in Carnegie still need homes, especially those two little black kittens, Yin and Yang. Mama Houdini is spayed and living outdoors where she seems to prefer though she is very affectionate and they would love for her to have a home.

tortoiseshell cat

If you remember Bitty and Sadie Mae, the sad news is that we recently lost 18-year-old tuxedo Bitty last week. Tortoiseshell Sadie Mae is still looking for a good home as her household is rapidly changing at the end of this month.

The good news is a happy ending for two cats kept by a man who was getting divorced and had to give up his home and his cats. The day he needed to move, a good new home was found. Sad for the situation, but glad for the good home.

Helping Cats, Helping Rescuers, Helping Ferals…


Animals Against the Odds (AATO)

Animals Against the Odds (AATO) currently provides FREE food and supplies to over 100 animals each and every day. As a part of AATO’s community service projects, they provide free food and supplies to homeless animals, and also to low income families so they can afford to keep their pets. In addition, with the Winter Warm Up Project underway, they are feeding even more animals in need and their shelves are bare! Please help them restock the AATO Pet Pantry so we can help feed all these animals that are dependent on us to provide for them.

AATO Rescue & Rehab is an all volunteer organization and receives no type of funding for their community service, but relies solely on donations to provide for the animals. If you can spare a few dollars to help feed a hungry or homeless animal, or drop off food and supplies for AATO’s Pet Pantry at either Burton’s Total Pet in Bridgeville, PA or The Letter Shop in Brentwood, PA it would immediately go into use.

AATO Pet Pantry is always in need of:Dry & canned kitten/cat food

  • Dry & canned puppy/dog food
  • collars/leashes/bowls
  • old blankets/towels/sheets
  • kitty litter
  • dog/cat toys and treats

100% of your donations go right back out into the community! Find them on Facebook or send to 511 Towne Square Way, Suite #213, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15227. Phone: 412-736-5276 (volunteer coordinator will call back asap) or e-mail [email protected].

homeless cat management team logo
Homeless Cat Management Team logo

Homeless Cat Management Team Needs Volunteers!

The Homeless Cat Management Team had spayed and neutered hundreds of homeless and rescued cats at little or no cost to owners in the Pittsburgh area. They are in desperate need of volunteers to work at Sunday clinics, to help trap strays and ferals for treatment, to foster them overnight for recovery before they are returned to their colony, transporting cats in between clinics, and for other tasks related to TNR. If you have time and can help call and leave a message at 412-321-4060, send an e-mail through the form on their website, write to Homeless Cat Management Team, P. O. Box 100203, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, or leave a message on their Facebook page.

Leo, one of the West Mifflin cats.

West Mifflin Cats Need Your Voice

There is a small colony of 6 cats in West Mifflin, PA that need your voice!! There is a Council meeting on 11/20/12 @ 6pm at West Mifflin Borough Bldg (across from the Allegheny County Airport on Lebanon Church Road). Showing up for the meeting will help give a voice to Leo, Gracie, Honey Bunny. Henry, Callie, and Toby.

All images used in this post were provided by the rescuers.

All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are interested in using one in a print or internet publication.


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  • Denise, how wonderful of you to adopt another kitty! She sounds lovely, and a snowshoe! White paws just melt me. You do have a house full, reminds me of former days for me, though I’ve only had cats. Congratulations on your new addition!

  • We wish we could help them all….oh for unlimited funds and time and space… Thanks so much for spreading the word about these lovelies. May they find forever homes soon….

    • Lisa, I’m always tempted to foster, and in the past I would have taken one or more of these, but not any more. The best I can do is spread the word and hope it gets to someone who can take them in.

  • Denise

    They’re all so beautiful, I hope they find new homes soon…

    The lynx-point like kitty looks very much like my Cleo…yes, I’ve been meaning to tell you I got another rescue two weeks ago <3 Cleo is about one and one of the most loving kitties I've ever had. She's a cream colored snowshoe siamese with tabby markings on her face and tail…such a sweetie and gets along with my entire pack! My house is now full, no room for anymore…

    Take care, kisses & cuddles to your black beauties 🙂


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