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A Fundraiser for Mr. Sunshine’s Surgery

two black cats on workbench
Mr. Sunshine would like you to donate to his fundraiser!

Mr. Sunshine’s final CT scans and surgery to remove the injection site sarcoma are scheduled for Wednesday, July 27, next week already! And it will be the day after he and his siblings turn 15 years old. He is doing extremely well, I see no signs of pain or discomfort in him. He is active, social, has a great appetite, and enjoys the new schedule of senior lunches and puzzle toys, and getting his special treat with his medication before everyone gets a treat as I serve their meal. I hope this is a good indication of what his surgery and treatments will entail, and how his recovery will proceed.

After all, who would supurrvise me in my basement studio? Or at my desk? Or in my painting studio? Or in the kitchen?

The high end of his costs is $6,344.48. I have applied to over a dozen organizations and other funders for small and large grants given to the veterinary hospital to cover the costs of his surgery and treatment, and I am not sure yet how many will be approved or how much money they will grant if they do.

I applied for and received $1,000 in CareCredit.

I have about $1,000 to contribute.

Friends have pledged about $1,500.

I do know that I will still have funds to organize for him, so I’ve set up with the veterinary hospital, Blue Pearl/PVSEC North Pittsburgh, for donors to make donations designated for “Mr. Sunshine’s Surgery”. I decided on this instead of a GoFundMe because there are no extra fees this way, only those associated if you pay with a card. Also, as a small business owner, I don’t really want a large amount of money that is not income but would be taxable to show up in my bank account. This way it goes just where it’s needed. But if you’re more comfortable, you’ll still be able to donate to me. I have it all outlined below.

Any donation amount would be wonderful! I can usually only donate $10 when someone in need comes up on Facebook or in a blog, and I’m glad I’m able to donate that much.

Donate directly to Blue Pearl/PVSEC

1. Call 412-366-3400, and choose the operator. Tell the operator you’d like to make a donation toward “Mr. Sunshine Kazmarski’s Surgery”. My name is pronounced Kaz-mar-ski, just the way it’s spelled, and you may need to spell it depending on who you talk to.

2. Make your donation.

3. Please let me know that you’ve donated and how much so that I can keep a total and know how much more I need to raise, and so that I can thank you. You can comment on this post or email me at bernadettekazmarski @ comcast . net.

Send money to me

1. Make a donation by supporting The Creative Cat which uses my Square account to process a credit card payment:

2. Paypal:  bernadette@bernadette-k . com. Send to friends and family rather than paying for merchandise or a service.

3. Venmo: @Bernadette-Kazmarski

4. Go shopping on my website! Like the dishtowels at the bottom of this post.

5. Send a check to: 315 6th Avenue, Carnegie, PA 15106

And thank you for caring, whether you buy something or donate or not.

If you’re not familiar with Mr. Sunshine’s health situation, read “Mr. “Sunshine Meets the Specialists”.

And remember that he is one of four siblings who I rescued in 2007 along with their mama Mimi, and their collective birthday is Tuesday, July 26, the day before his surgery. The five of them changed my life when they came here. You can read about their rescue beginning with July 10, 2007, A Memory.

five black cats in a line
All lined up and waiting for lunch.

The Estimate

Mr. Sunshine’s estimate for imaging and surgery at PVSEC.


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Mr. Sunshine Dishtowels!

black cat tilting his head
Mr. Sunshine on dishtowels!

Both of these designs are Mr. Sunshine! I purchase the 20″ x 26″ Tekla dishtowels at IKEA and imprint the sketches of my fine felines interacting with my dishtowels with a fabric transfer trimmed down to the image. The towels also have one vertical red stripe about 6″ from each edge. The towels themselves are 100% cotton and very soft and absorbent.

Mr. Sunshine has been very popular at vendor markets—everyone seems to have a cat who looks like him!

Towels are $10.00 each. You can purchase them here.



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4 thoughts on “A Fundraiser for Mr. Sunshine’s Surgery

  • sierrakoester

    I will share your post in this week’s roundup post on the CB. I’m also going to make a donation. So many helped me with my kitties when needed. I am happy I am able to give something back/pay it forward. Please pet Mr. Sunshine for me!

    • Sierra, thank you so much! I don’t really have much time for bloghopping so it didn’t feel right to share in groups, but you know how it is, every little bit counts!

  • Mary McNeil

    We are sending purrayers and Power ofthe Paw to Mr Sunshine and all who care for him.

    • We’ll take them, Mary! Mr. Sunshine may decide to swat them off the table, but I appreciate them.


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