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A Celebration of the Earth

A few years ago I answered the questions on a “What’s Your Footprint?” test on a website that gave points or demerits in accordance with how choices you made in your lifestyle affected the earth and I ended up with a negative footprint. How is that? Is it mounded up

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Leave the Lilies Outside: Toxic Plants and Cut Flowers

For kitty’s sake, this Easter plant that Easter lily outside! And plan ahead for what flowers you may give as gifts or bring into your own home. Many of the flowers symbolic of this holiday or used for decoration this time of year are toxic to pets including flowers from

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Living Green With Pets: Spring Cleaning

SPRING CLEANING OR ANY TIME we can always reduce the amount of chemicals we use in our home by using everyday materials like vinegar and baking soda for regular cleaning. Here are a few tips for methods I have used for years as well as a flyer to download and

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“Cans for Pets” Collects Over 100,000 Cans For 5 Cent Donation

In November 2012 the Cans for Pets began with a goal to collect 20,000 pet food cans to be recycled by January 2014 with the Alcoa Foundation donating five cents per can to the Animal Rescue League. In two months, by January 2013, they had already collected 6,500 cans for

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Living Green With Pets: A Garden for Your Cats

NO ONE IS CERTAIN why cats eat grass, or houseplants, or other vegetable matter that shouldn’t be of any interest to them. In the diet of an obligate carnivore green matter plays very little role, and in fact species-appropriate diets approach vegetable matter at the rate cats would find it

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Living Green With Pets: Look for the Leaping Bunny

Along with making sure our pets aren’t harmed by chemicals we use around our house and yard, we can also make sure that other animals aren’t harmed by our choices either. We can do this by choosing “cruelty-free” cosmetics, beauty products and household products, but what does this really mean,

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Living Green With Pets: Bringing Plants Indoors

BRINGING PLANTS IN from the outdoors for winter is a great way to enjoy a little greenery indoors during winter months and save money on gardening costs next spring. But anything you bring into your home is subject to inspection by your pets, and cats especially are famous for eating

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Living Green With Pets: Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin!

October is the month for pumpkins! Get some fresh organic pumpkins now to process for your pets, snacks for yourself, and free bird seed for your feathered friends—and your own fresh home made pumpkin pies. If you haven’t noticed, pumpkins are coming into season. In part it’s because they are

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Living Green With Pets: What Could be Greener, or….Redder?

It’s time to post my henna article again! Always a favorite, I like to promote the idea of using a safe, natural and time-tested—centuries, in fact—hair color. Although I do this year-round, I always associate it with summer, and as it’s henna time again, today I’m going to apply my

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“Cans for Pets” Donates Five Cents Per Can to ARL

I made a little donation today to do my part for both the environment and for all animals served by the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center (ARL)—collected, cleaned and separated all the aluminum cans from my regular recycled metals, glass and plastic and handed them over to the

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