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Daily Photo Reprise: Catnip Party, 2011

Three of the girls organize an impromptu catnip party on the sunny landing. Cookie was enjoying the catnip candy cane first, and invited Mimi and Mewsette to take turns biting, licking and rubbing their faces on the upstairs catnip candy cane. Cookie gets her turn. Then it’s time for Mewsette

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Daily Photo: Why Are You Bothering My Sunshine?

Mimi was actually dozing on the warm windowsill and I did awaken her with my clumsy coming up the steps. Humans are so loud, even in slippers. After some time of me standing there she opened her eyes. Certainly not to look at me, though that did happen, and I

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Daily Photo: Find Your Own Bed

I stripped the bed to change it and it was suddenly irresistible. The only place to sleep was on the clean bedspread that hadn’t even been spread on the bed yet. Would you brave these four expressions to not only move them but completely undo their little world? They are

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Daily Photo: Sunworshipper

I took way too many photos of Smokie in the sun here not to use a few different ones. Here I was trying to capture all the shadows splayed on the top of the wardrobe from the lace curtain, Smokie’s profile and the window, but keep the focus on Smokie’s

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Daily Photo: Same Day, Different Stories

Bella and Jelly Bean were having a parallel experience this afternoon on the wardrobe at the top of the stairs. I’m sure their stories of their experiences would be so different one would think the were in a different time and place as Bella focused on the squirrel in the

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A Year Later: Two Special Rescues

It’s hard to believe only a year has gone by since I had the chance to meet and photograph a very special rescue couple—Frankencat and Old Grand Dad. I’d posted this photo a few days before the article because I just couldn’t wait to share it, and that alone received

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It’s My Birthday!

Who’s the big girl today? Well, we kind of figure it’s just about her birthday, maybe a little bit past, we’re not sure, but it would be right around now. It’s nice to have a spring birthday so today is the day, so that the coming of spring itself doesn’t

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Daily Photo: Me and My Shadow Having a Bath

Smokie begins his post-breakfast bath sitting in the warming sun in the kitchen, casting interesting shadows of himself along with layers of other shadows. These sunny mornings have been intoxicating upstairs and downstairs. We’d forgotten what the sun was like! I forgot what fun I could have with shadows! Even

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Poem for Spring: Mewsette Ponders Green

The world alight in green shades more than I have brilliant life given giving and glows in spring showers on all I love. A little abstract ode to spring to accompany a little sort of abstract photo of Mewsette pondering the green plate, showers on her nose, and it does

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Daily Sketch(es) Reprise: Indigo Nap and Bath, and Mewsette and Giuseppe’s Reviews

This is Mewsette going about being Mewsette on my bed. I actually started four paintings of her, but just after beginning two of them certain brothers decided they would rather I paint a wrestling match, though Mewsette was not in the mood for that. Finally I distracted them and painted

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