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Daily Photo Reprise: Cuddling, 2011

The weather is unpredictable, and my tortie girls were glad I tossed the old flannel bathrobe back on the table for them to cuddle into as the sleet clicks against the windows. My senior girls aren’t terribly close but they certainly don’t mind each others’ company when the weather turns

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Daily Photo Reprise: Al Fresco, 2011

Today we have frozen slush, but also good memories! We’ve been going outside every day all winter long, but Cookie found the snow and ice just weren’t fun anymore on her 19-year-old paws, so we mostly stayed on the deck. But today we explored the yard in all its winter

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Daily Photo: Bella in Blues and Purples

Photographing black cats is a challenge, and in many areas in my house the lighting is a challenge as well, which makes for a lot of neat photos that aren’t quite in focus, just a little soft. Even when I manually set my DSLR, the shutter speed is still fairly

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Daily Photo: Two Cats Bath Sequence

Jelly Bean found the good bath spot on the roll of paper towels and Mr. Sunshine soon joined him. But no two of the Four can be bathing near each other without going rounds to catch each others’ hard to reach spots. They begin and end with their own faces

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Daily Photo: Le Matin Bleu

I believe it is Bella looking sculptural as a silhouette and graceful as an elongated shadow among all the geometric shapes and shadows of my kitchen in the morning. The blue is because I left the incandescent light filter on in my DSLR, and this is what it does to

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Vintage Photo: Dinnertime for Nine, 1994

My entire household of nine resident cats—and one is just out of range of this photo but you’ll see her below—enjoying dinner on the kitchen floor in February 1994. From the top right, the tabby cat with white paws is Stanley, 12. To the left of him the gray tabby

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Daily Photo: Choices, Choices

First world kitten dilemmas. What to do? All the toys look enticing in the sun, even to the human, and Smokie just can’t choose which one to start with—because you can be sure he’s going to play with all of them before the morning is done! He chooses the green

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Daily Photo: Mademoiselle, I Tried My Best

My dearest lady Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite, I must sadly report that I will not gaze into your most emerald eyes nor share the purple fancies in your red brocade bed to celebrate this holiday of love. I tried my best once again, and even that was not good enough

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Daily Photo Reprise: Girl Talk, 2011

Now what do you suppose they’re saying? I hardly think they’re sharing typical “girl talk” about cute guys and new clothes, not these two “experienced” girl cats. Besides that, they’re fixed and I presume they’re happy with their natural attire. Is Cookie imparting some sage advice to Mimi as the

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Daily Photo: A Few More of Bert–oops, Simon!

Yes, Bert’s name is now Simon, and it’s such a natural for him that I took to it right away and forgot he was called Bert for quite some time! I have a few of my favorites here along with a few from his adopter, Christy, who has been sharing

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