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We’re in a National Geographic Book! Well, Not Like That…

They’re going to be impossible to live with! Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine are even more famous than before for their discerning abilities as art critics. Their photo appears in a newly-published book titled 67 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Dogs by Jack Shepherd, editorial director of BuzzFeed, published by

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Book Review and Guest Post: “Pawsitive Connection”

You wouldn’t guess that stories of rescued animals make my world go around. I think the more we share these stories the stronger our bonds become with the animals in our lives and those around us, and with each other as those who share their lives with animals, and reaffirm

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Cat Food Ads, and A Career Inspired By a Rescued Cat, Photographer Walter Chandoha

I have intentionally left the images in this post untouched to prevent the chance of reproducing prints from them. One of my idols without knowing, I realized I’d seen Walter Chandoha’s photos of cats everywhere, as well as of other animals. He was so popular in the 1950s and 1960s

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Review: “Furever”, and How We Memorialize Our Animal Companions

Each of us has a unique bond with the animals who share our lives, and that includes how we memorialize them after their death. In a society where we each have different beliefs and rituals around how we memorialize our human loved ones, the idea of memorializing a beloved pet

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Book Review: “Love Saves the Day”

Published on February 7, 2014 in book review

Cats really are the center of the universe, and Prudence is sure of this even as her little universe changes dramatically from the very first paragraph of the book to the last. The world changes pretty dramatically for the humans in her life as well, beginning with lives apart and

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Book Review: The Night Before Christmas (Now With Cats)

Now we know cats really own Christmas—or at least the tree and Santa’s sleigh! Melissa Haas has followed Catula, the Misadventures of Dracula’s Cat with another charming and colorful illustrated story book, inspired by her best friend and therapy kitty, Sunny, her rescued Cornish Rex, in a reworking? —corrected version?

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Book Review: “Adventures in Veterinary Medicine”, by Ingrid King

Usually when we visit the veterinarian we are focused on our pets, even if our visit is only for an annual exam and not for a medical condition. But for as much as we love our animals, imagine people who work with them all day long, every day—but most of

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Book Review and Farewell to Homer, the Blind WonderCat

Published on August 30, 2013 in book review

If we share our lives with animals and truly relish our relationships with them, we realize that, for all we feel we have to teach our animal companions, they also have their lessons for us. And while our lessons are usually of a practical nature—this is where you eat, this

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Book Review: Parrots Prove Deadly by Clea Simon

Published on July 5, 2013 in book review, books

Pru Marlowe is just your average person living in a big older home in a small town, trying to get on her feet and stay there, maybe trying to run a little farther from her past and stay non-committal in a relationship, the perfect setting for a cozy mystery. Except

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Book Review: Buckley’s Story, Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher

Published on April 5, 2013 in authors, book review

Most of us have had more than one pet, and while we love them all and each has taught us important lessons during their stay with us, we could probably each say that one of them has led us to change our lives, an angel come to teach us a

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