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Your Mlle., Forever

black cat in sun
The lovely Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite sits before the window on the Rue Montreal.

A message for Giuseppe Basil Verdi,

Hello my love, my romantic operatic Giuseppe Verdi.

It is your Mlle Daisy Emerald Marguerite sending you this message from my town across the great river from The Great Republic.

(Mommy went on a boat and sailed down the river on Monday — I was left all alone all day!!! and she told me that she sailed very close to the Republic where you live. I was so impressed and so wished I had been with Mama on that boat.)

But Giuseppe, Mama told me that when she was shopping with Auntie Ann yesterday once again I was left alone to supervise the digging up of my pretty Rue Montreal but yesterday Mama was home by 7 in the evening and we spent the whole night talking and catching up.  Meoooow that she saw a cat size red fainting couch that would be just right for you and I to cuddle on!!!

But we live in a small studio and two fainting couches, one big and one small, would make it too crowded. Oh, I do wish I could have that kitty sized fainting couch.  But Mama did bring a beautiful pillow home for me to rest my head on when lying on our antique couch. It is soft and cozy and has a beautiful purple cover with off white birds printed on the purple. You would love to lie your regal head on that pillow my beloved Giuseppe.

I am also very excited because Mama bought me a little TV.  I will now be able to watch wonderful TV shows with Mama, in bed at night. I so wish you could come and snuggle and watch the TV with Mama and me.

So Giuseppe, remember I love you.  Remember me in my old stone house on this old street in this old city on the river.

Your Mlle, forever.


Nuzzle, purrrrrrrrrr




Just a year ago Giuseppe received a letter in the mail from Mlle. Daisy including a photo, which Giuseppe still treasures…Read And the Affaire Continues.

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Mlle. Daisy’s mama and I imagine them as two neo-Victorian lovers living far apart, divided by a country’s border, a revolution, and the fact that neither of them has a passport.

She also tells us Mlle. looks much like Mewsette, so Mewsette is a stand-in model for Mlle. here and in other illustrations


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