Wild Kitty Field

stray cat in field
Wild Cat in Field--can you find the cat in this photo?

I posted this first two years ago on this day; I’ve always liked the photos (I added two more), and I think the feeling of freedom appealed to me.

Driving along a country road as the sun dropped in the west, and among the amber grains of a hayfield I see an orange kitty. Upon closer inspection he was pretty beat up, his long orange fur tangled and missing in patches, but he barely took his eyes off the spot where his prey was hidden waiting for it to emerge. Later he pounced and I caught a few images of his tail in the grass (indistinct), though I don’t think he caught the critter.

orange cat in field

Much as I’d love every kitty to have a loving home and a long-term health-care plan, I really enjoyed the sense of freedom and strength I found while watching this cat be a cat, and not a pet. With his orange fur and shaggy mane, he was truly a lion in his his own grassland.

orange cat hunting in field
Waiting patiently.

I had a difficult time deciding which image to use, a close-up  so you could see the kitty, or a distance shot so you could see the scale.

Lucky kitty has this whole field to himself. More than the woods or the beach or the trails, I love a hilltop field where the light changes every moment of daylight, the grasses whisper with breezes from morning to night, and the world seems infinite. Kitty may have to share one of these days when I need to get my big-open-field fix.

orange cat in grassy field
The big game hunter, closeup.

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2 thoughts on “Wild Kitty Field

  • July 25, 2012 at 5:50 am

    I agree, there is something rather wonderful about a cat in the wide open spaces doing what comes naturally? Austin does wander over to the field opposite as I have documented in the past. It’s always for hunting. It’s what he loves to do!

    • July 25, 2012 at 10:14 pm

      Carolyn, when I had my first black cat in college my roommate also had a black cat. There was an overgrown field and a wetland near our apartment and we would watch their tails moving through the grass. And growing up, our house was built on an old farm at the top of a hill, across the street was the steep pasture slowly getting overgrown and both I and my cat Bootsie regularly disappeared into it!


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