Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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What Are We Doing Up Here?

two black cats on top of shelf
What are we doing up here?

Us? Up here? What are we doing up here? Well…we thought we’d flip through your CDs and see if there is anything more interesting to listen to than your boring classical music. We’ll try not to knock them off the top of the entertainment center.

(What they’re thinking is, “We’re a couple of cats, what do you think we’re doing up here?”)

Giuseppe and Jelly Bean think they are pretty smart in discovering the top of the entertainment center. Honest, I thought I could have a small area in the house where I could store things my clever kitties couldn’t get into. I actually had the front edge blocked off so they couldn’t jump up, but someone decided to risk it and discovered the world of my hats and baskets and CDs and other stuff I’d tossed up there. What was I thinking?


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4 thoughts on “What Are We Doing Up Here?

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  • Marg–you’re right, they do watch me to find the best places, and they can always tell.

    Cosmicmango, I’m only surprised it took them so long. I’ll just have to do something with all the stereo wires up there, and the little string of holiday lights…

  • I’m sure they knew that you tried to block it off. But, being cats, they probably intended upon sitting there and staring down at you, not caring what they knocked down. They look cute, though.

  • That is such a good picture. And that is so true. There just isn’t anywhere that is safe to put things. I think they watch us to see where the best places are to go. But they do look cute up there.


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