Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Welcome Home

black cat at window with candelabra
Welcome Home

“I’ve been waiting up for you.”

Mewsette patiently waits in the front window for my return. She really knows how to use light to her best advantage as in these photos from near Halloween!

Since I’ve lived with cats I’ve always had at least one waiting cat, a silhouette I could see even as I came down the street toward my house. Now that I work at home I’m not gone nearly as much, but I still have at least one feline silhouette in the window whenever I return, often Mewsette, but also Cookie or Jelly Bean; prior to October, it was often Peaches. Sometimes when I’ve been gone all day at a festival or something, I have nearly all of them. Their silhouettes and faces are always a welcome sight.


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