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We Have Sweet Corn

tortoiseshell cat eating sweet corn
It's Sweet Corn Time!

I actually think Cookie is as excited as I am about sweet corn time, though I decidedly eat more of it than she does, even though she likes all parts of it—the husks, a few kernels, the empty cobs after I’ve done my thing.

black cat eating broccoli
Mewsette enjoys a taste of broccoli.

I’ve had other cats who enjoyed sweet corn too; at one time I had empty corn cobs all on a plate on my kitchen floor all summer long for all the cats who enjoyed it, and I usually husked the corn outside because they’d drag the husks all over the house, leave a trail of annoying corn silk everywhere. Does anyone else’s cat like sweet corn?

It’s not something we necessarily want in their food, or want them to have too much of, but if it makes Cookie happy, who am I to say? She was actually eating dinner, as you see, and when I took it out of my canvas bag she immediately lifted her nose and followed the scent to where I had put it on the table. I thought I’d just put it where it was most convenient for her and let her have her way for a bit because it would be on the floor before I could catch it.

tortoiseshell cat chewing on corn cob
Cookie gnaws the corncob.

Mewsette, Cookie’s understudy, came along to see what Cookie was doing, but declined a taste, opting for real cat food for once—this was after she had tasted the broccoli you see in the background, yes, another strange food Mewsette enjoys.

No, I am not trying to turn my cats into vegetarians! Perhaps they see me enjoying it so much and want to give it a try.

Cookie chewed on the ends of a few fronds, then I picked those off and put the corn in the refrigerator. Later, yes, she had a few kernels and nibbled on the cob from my plate I’d placed on the floor; that was a misty moment, surprisingly, as I remembered all the cats before who’d shared the corn cob with her—Sophie, Kublai, Fawn, Namir, Sally and occasionally a few others.

So Cookie is still at it, and Mewsette is doing pretty well as an understudy.



Last year at this time Cookie was happily acting up in the kitchen as various vegetables came in and cooking and serving vessels were set on the table. There are more to come, in the meantime, here are other posts featuring Cookie’s kitchen escapades: In the Kitchen With Cookie

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