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We Don’t Want to Come in Yet

two black cats outside
We don’t want to come in yet.

Yes, as if we had known how little time we had. I just love their gentle defiance, simply not coming up the steps, enjoying the morning sun on their backs, October 24, 2023. And not just to get more time outside, but to continue our grieving at the loss of Mewsette and Jelly Bean. These two always wanted more outdoor time, and even though I’m usually “gotta get back inside get that work done get paid come on guys let’s go” I went along with it and took more time and more pictures. In fact I encouraged it as we went outdoors more than once almost every day. Things got done late sometimes, but I don’t even remember what they were now, and those people understood (though I just discovered two orders I still need to take care of!).

Mr. Sunshine is doing well, but I know he misses the rest of his family. Today he was quiet outdoors though it was sweet this morning. Afternoon he quietly went upstairs to the bathroom, later he was curled up on the afghan at the foot of my bed with Sienna and Hamlet. I had given him some palliative medications and herbs and this evening he’s feeling good. I treasure every moment with him and Mimi, and this morning took my DSLR outside to photograph them and other things.

Last Sunday I mentioned I’ve been working on designing a book a friend wrote regarding my local library who is now in hospice care; I had picked up my pace at finishing the proof and edit and then the design. It turned out that took more time than I’d planned—it’s written from 100 years of board meeting notes, mostly handwritten during a meeting from the actual discussions during the meeting which were rarely transcribed or typed and submitted later. It wasn’t her fault just going by the meeting notes, and she did correct many things she knew because she’d been involved in the place for at least 30 years and on the board for 20. But OMG, the misspelled names and inaccurate titles and other information from 100 years of board members and places and events and businesses and donors.

So after the full technical proof and corrections I went back to all the names and other points I’d circled and researched each one, correcting names, many of which were East European and everyone pronounced given and surnames differently, even in the same family. Business names were given as local colloquial names rather than the proper business names, and when they’d donated time or goods or services they deserved to at least have their business name correct. I hadn’t anticipated this and it took all week, so I quit posting on Thursday and pretty much spent all my time fact-checking, even staying up all night last night with the last few chapters just to get it done so I could take a break. Kitties have been really happy to drape themselves all over me as I spend these long hours just sitting here looking at my computer.

Now a couple others are looking it over and composing an epilogue while I look for photos the author wanted and ones that I know will work well, some of which are from my own photos through the years. I’m glad I’m familiar with a lot of it. I’m glad to spend the time on this for Betsy and for my library, and I do get paid for it too. But I should be able to lighten up and get back to posting. I’ve been getting little videos I can’t wait to share.

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Giuseppe was having a really good roll around on the floor, for no apparent reason except that it made him happy. I think we should all do that each day! Read more and order.


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2 thoughts on “We Don’t Want to Come in Yet

  • If you don’t want to come it then you can stay out and enjoy the sun. So adorable.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a purrfect day and week. My best to your mom. ♥

    • Thank you so much! I don’t always get around to sharing posts on social media. They did stay out and sit there until the sun moved, and I took more photos. Always a sweet memory.


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