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Vintage Photo: Sally of the Brussels Sprouts, 1995

white cat sleeping under brussels spouts
Sally of the Brussels Sprouts

What better place for a white kitty to be on a hot summer day than sleeping under the big round leaves of Brussels sprouts plants?

These were the days when Kublai and Sally were my main garden sprites, though sometimes Stanley and Moses and Cookie joined us. Sally adored the vegetable garden, not even visiting other areas of the yard. She delighted in wandering between the tomato plants and crouching behind a row of beans to leap out and surprise a cluster of mourning doves who were quietly gathering in the corner of the garden. Brussels sprouts grow tall with many leaves growing in descending size up the stem; the sprouts grow at these intersections, and the leaves provide deep shade for the roots of the plant to conserve moisture, and for a sleepy white kitty to have a nice cool nap after prowling every inch of the sunny garden.

Despite her elegant pure white tresses Sally was totally unconcerned about dirt of any sort and was regularly found with leaves or soil clinging to her fur or, when I first moved into this house, decades of cobwebs and soot as she explored the ductwork in the basement.

Sally was deaf and I kept a close eye on her, of course, following her around, getting work done only when she settled in one spot for a nap, but I’ve always wondered if the pull of her other senses kept her in this lively place, smelling other things more acutely, possibly even feeling activities under the soil in her extra-sensitive paws—my means of signaling her by stomping my heel on the floor in the house even worked in some areas of the garden.

Being a white cat I had to be careful of her coloring in the sunshine, and couldn’t always depend on her sensibilities to creep under a Brussels sprout plant when the sun was the strongest. She had a little sunburn on her ears one time, and after that it was early morning or late afternoon only. If you have a white cat who spends time in the sun, even in a sun puddle, check your kitty’s ears to make sure they aren’t turning too bright of a pink.

As Mimi and I walk the garden, as did Cookie and Namir and me, I feel the memories of others who spent time with me out there, and I’m so glad to share this photo today. Perhaps I envisioned a white cat under the Brussels sprouts this morning.

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