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Vintage Photo: Get a Bath, Pay It Forward

tabby cat and two tortoiseshell cats
Dickie, Kelly and Cookie share a bath.

In photos from this day in August 2010, Dickie, Kelly and Cookie have a chain reaction bath. You get a free bath, you return the favor by giving a free bath to someone else.

First, Dickie, the main bath giver of the time, stopped Kelly and gave her a bath as she was walking past him. She liked Dickie but was always a little uncertain because he was soooo big—bigger than any of the Fantastic Four—but he was very gentle and very good-humored. Still, he had to reach out and lick Kelly as she was walking past in order to convince her it was okay.

tabby cat washing tortoiseshell cat
Dickie catches Kelly with a few licks.

Then she stopped and, as you can see, thoroughly enjoyed her facial.

tabby cat bathing tortoiseshell cat with another in background
Dickie finished up Kelly's bath.

Then Kelly needed to work out her pent up wonderful feelings on someone else, and there was Cookie.

tortoiseshell cat washing other tortoiseshell cat
Kelly turns to wash Cookie.

Cookie wasn’t really big on getting a bath from someone else, maybe a few licks were okay, but she understood Kelly, though I could tell she was waiting for it to be over.

tortoiseshell cat bathing other tortoiseshell cat
Cookie thinks her bath might be done.

Just a wonderfully sweet moment of memory.

Note the classic cat beds: a pineapple box with papers in it. They enjoyed it until it fell apart.

I use the term “vintage photo” to refer to both older photos and to photos of cats who are no longer with me. You know Cookie and Kelly, and Dickie was a foster kitty for a year.

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