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Vintage Photo: Fawn and Nikka, 1997

torbie and dilute tortoiseshell cats
Fawn and Nikka, actually touching!

Fawn and Nikka were mentioned in today’s story as two cats who shared the house with me at the time I’d rescued Sasha. This photo of the two was in the folder of photos of Sasha, and I thought I’d introduce a few new colors to The Creative Cat.

These two were sisters, born in My First Litter, and Fawn, at the top, is the subject of “my first painting”, “the portrait that started it all”, “Waiting for Mom”.

Fawn, a “torbie” or tortoiseshell tabby stayed with me when all the rest of the litter had been adopted, including their mom. She had very clear stripes all over, but some were orange and some were black. Her paws were marbled, and she had two orange stripes at the end of her tail that were always signaling something, waving for happiness or twitching like a rattlesnake for tortitude. You can also read more about her in “The Balloon”. Fawn did have some tortitude, but she was all talk. She was the little sister of everyone and loved it until I moved here and Sophie and Cookie came along.

Below, her dilute tortoiseshell sister Nikka was not to be taken for less than her sister Fawn. Nikka was adopted, then I took her back at age 7 when her person could no longer take care of her. Nikka was friendly and playful and silly, but she was also a bully; the cat who she’d lived with suffered from urinary issues and was constantly ill and underweight until the two moved apart and he was like a totally, totally new cat. Unfortunately, Nikka chose Fawn as her target and literally stalked her and terrorized her often enough to keep Fawn worried. Then at other times they slept near each other like this, actually touching! This is the only photo I have of this event.

Both of them were absolutely beautiful, and no doubt gave me my lifelong love of tri-color cats, especially those diluted kitties in gray and peach. But I can still hear Fawn’s little voice, which always sounded disappointed and disapproving.

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Giuseppe, Office Supervisor, 2013
person and cat silhouette
Giuseppe review’s Dom and his paperwork.

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In the Sink, 2011

The metal thing above his head is a Pur water filter unit, but if you look closely on the shelf behind him you’ll see tubes and prescription bottles and  droppers and such—believe it or not, the prescription bottles are there from Namir, who died in July 2009, and the other things are from Peaches, who had died the previous October, in 2010. I really did have a hard time giving up these final things for them, and I couldn’t even find anyone who would take the medications, so I kept it there.

black cat in sink
“Read My Mind.”

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Treats For Homeless Cats And Caretakers

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  • da tabbies o trout towne

    it bee veree nice ta meet ewe fawn & nikka….gorgeous gurls, de both of ewe…mite we say yur coats R rockin awesum ???…we may…then yur coatz are rockin awesum !!


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