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Update: Sylvester Is In a New Home

cat on blanket
The new Sylvester, trimmed and brushed!

Melanie tells us that she has taken Sylvester the lovebug, the last of Dorothy’s Pets, to his new home.

Sylvester was taken to his new potentially permanent home yesterday. This is not an ideal adoption, but we’re going to monitor closely and provide assistance whenever necessary. His new person is 75 years old and lost her husband last year. She was looking for mainly provide foster care because she travels to California to see her family a couple of months at a time. Plus she was unsure if she would be able to manage Sylvester’s medication.

After meeting Sylvester she decided she wanted to try to make him a permanent member of her home and has already begun to make provisions to have him cared for while she’s away. She’s very open to us visiting whenever we have time and calling to check in to see how things are going. She also stated she will call me if she ever feels she needs help or feels she cannot care for Sylvester. I believe she will do just that.

She is a very kind and sweet lady who also seems to have Sylvester’s best interest in mind. I think she will do her best to make it work and with us monitoring things closely Sylvester will never be without anything he needs.


photo of beagle

And don’t forget…

Melanie has been working with Dorothy and her pets for nearly a year, all through Dorothy’s diagnosis and decline from brain cancer last year, and Dorothy’s death in February, all the while caring for her own 14 cats and three dogs. Anyone who has rescued animals knows what a toll this has taken on her time and her means. She managed to place three of Dorothy’s five pets; two of her cats were placed by the friend Dorothy stayed with in Ohio at the end of her life, read more in this post.

Now Melanie has another complication and a sad diagnosis with one of her own rescues. Her beagle, Cocoa, was just diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma, and she needs to raise money to help continue with Cocoa’s chemo.  Melanie has set up a new ChipIn account to continue with donations for Sylvester’s continuing care, and for others who would like to help this rescuer who has done so much with one of her own:

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4 thoughts on “Update: Sylvester Is In a New Home

  • Thank you Bernadette, for continuing to post my updates. I have received so much support during all of this and once again, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and donations.

    Now that Sylvester is in a home, I can get back to focusing on my own entourage of critters and hopefully will start getting to bed before midnight! LOL

    Cocoa handled her first chemo really well, but the second one was much harder on her. We’re monitoring her closely. Her white blood cell count dropped considerably. If she’s able to get her next chemo in 3 weeks, they’ll also do an ultrasound to see if the chemo is helping. Please keep my little beagle bean in your thoughts! We’re not giving up any time soon.


    • Melanie, I’m so glad you’ve gotten support from these posts. It’s the least I can do–you are doing so much! I hope Cocoa is feeling better after her chemo, and this treatment works for her. Keep us posted!

    • I’m glad for him too! He’s such a nice cat but hard to place and I’m so glad Melanie found this woman.


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