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Update on Those Kittens and Mom

I'm so cute!
I’m so cute!

A visit with the rescued kittens and their mom from Greenbriar. They are out of the crate full time and socializing pretty well. The little tux is a star, but she was kind of friendly to begin with.

I'm ready for people.
I’m ready for people.

The little tux is kind of surprised how much she likes to be held and petted, and she even rolled over and showed me her belly while purring.


She wants belly rubs!

Once I had petted her for a while, I simply picked her up. She enjoyed all the petting and didn’t try to get away.

Then I decided to start on the larger ginger kitty who was next in line for being social, and handed the tux kitten to Cathy, who held the kitten on her lap.

I did get to play with the ginger kitten and petted him, but didn’t get the chance to pick him up, had to leave, of all things.

The big ginger likes people too.
The big ginger likes people too.

Her siblings aren’t so sure, but I could touch each of them, and they love to play.

We're having a meeting.
We’re having a meeting.

The ginger can’t help himself but chase a toy, the Siamese mix seems a little suspicious but relaxes after a bit.

The three amigos.
The three amigos.

Mom is still pretty feral but a few of us have petted her. The smaller ginger kitten hangs out with her, then later comes out to play. He may take some time socializing but I think he’ll come around. Mom might be a little more friendly too.

Mom and the smaller ginger kitten.
Mom and the smaller ginger kitten.

A few potential adopters will see them this weekend. They’ll be ready for adoption after Thanksgiving!

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I hope that relating the details of my TNR and rescue projects I can help you if you’re new to it, commiserate and celebrate if you’re not, and help to spread the idea of why and how cats are rescued, how much work goes into rescuing, and how so many people are involved. Mostly, I hope to share why it’s important that we rescue cats, and all animals.

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4 thoughts on “Update on Those Kittens and Mom

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  • They are beautiful Bernadette..but all kitties are to me…I have a ginger here who showed up in early Spring…I gave him food and water every day but he would not let me touch him…I was very patient as I knew it would be better for him to decide and not try to force myself on him…Finally a few weeks ago he let me pet him and then pick him up…The night before the big storm I just couldn’t stand thinking of him being out there all alone in that freezing snow and ice…I went out and brought him in to the warmth with us and I’m so glad that I did…He is a sweet boy who learns quickly and doesn’t cause a bit of trouble inside…he gives me hugs and love every day and I am so glad I took the chance to rescue him…When you already have 7 cats what is one more…lol

    • Such a happy ending! I’m so glad the two of you worked it out and he finally let you take him in. Thank you for rescuing! Yes, what’s one more? <3


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