Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Two Torties on One Lap

two tortie cats on my lap
To Torties on One Lap

One for each leg! And they are touching each other! I am sitting with my legs crossed on my desk chair to accommodate them.

Cookie and Kelly have always more than tolerated each other, unlike the typical tortie story, but even these two don’t curl up together with anyone but me. However, if both of them want my lap badly enough they have no problem actually touching each other. It’s a little awkward to get work done with a lap literally full of cat and not being able to roll in under my keyboard shelf and I actually tried working by balancing the keyboard on top of the two of them, to no avail. I just reached a little farther during their nap time.


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One thought on “Two Torties on One Lap

  • great photo – those kitties love their mama!


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