Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tuxedo Kitty

tuxedo cat under porch
Tuxedo guarding his lair.

“Don’t come any closer,” he warns.

Some time in early summer as I’d been driving around my neighborhood at night I encountered a tuxedo cat who was persistently chasing a mouse down the middle of the street. If I hadn’t gotten a glimpse of movement at an angle as I turned the corner, I might have run them both over, though the mouse was more concerned with the cat and the cat was apparently accustomed to dodging traffic.

I’ve been seeing this cat through the summer, and while he’s too clean to be a cat who lives exclusively outdoors, I’m convinced he spends a good bit of time under this porch. The porch is outfitted with a skirt made of outdoor carpeting, easy for him to push aside and disappear underneath. Perhaps we have another corollary to “basement cat”, which would be “under-porch-dwelling cat”. I remember a few cats growing up who dwelled under neighbor’s porches, and they were as fierce as lions though I wanted them to be nice sweet kitties I could pick up and hug.

I hope everyone else keeps an eye out for him!


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2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Kitty

  • Oh, I DO love Tuxedo kitties. “Under-the-porch cats” – must be a distant relative to my “Under-the-deck cats!”

    • Yes that’s exactly what they are, and I remembered you writing about an “under-the-deck” cat in your childhood! I was trying to remember who that was and I looked at your blog but couldn’t find it. Should have asked! This guy cant’ decide if he wants to be friends. I just can’t help but think he’s just a real character with a set of whiskers like that.


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