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Tortie Sez, “Game Over.” 2011

tortoiseshell cat on keyboard
Tortie Sez

This is the tortie version of, “Get over it, mom. It doesn’t make sense to get mad at the computer because it doesn’t care what you think. We do. Just pet one of us and everything will be okay.” Last year I had a big pile of work that wasn’t getting done, but Cookie put it in perspective for me. This year my computer, some parts of which are nine years old, is past retirement age and showing it.

Cookie tires of me paying so much attention to my keyboard. She tried various other methods of making me stop—sitting in front of it and looking cute and purring, sitting on the keyboard, walking on it, shoving my papers around, all of which did distract me for a short time.

The Tortie Paw method did indeed work, as you will notice she is not merely draping her paw lazily over the keyboard, but is gripping it at the bottom, ensuring that I can’t use it until she’s ready to let go.

It did distract me at least long enough for me to get my camera and take a picture. She’s not too fond of the camera, either.


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