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Those Kittens are Growing Up!

photos of two black cats with kittens
Lilly and Lydia, and their babies.

First there was Mama Lilly, who was “chasing the local free-spirit (B-Boy) off his favorite porch around the corner,” and “making a mess all over [the neighbor’s] house” according to the neighbor, but Mama Lilly had a reason for all this—a few days later came the birth announcement, “OMG, she has kittens!”

Then, not two weeks later, another black kitty turned up at the same house, under the same porch, this time with kittens in tow, panting in the heat.

These two girls could be sisters, the kittens could have all the same fathers, but one thing for sure—they are all looking for good homes. Both are excellent mama cats and very sweet-tempered and loving. Perhaps they are also very happy to be inside with their kittens.

black cat with two kittens
Lilly with her kittens.


Lilly is not only very fastidious but she is very petite and beautiful with big yellow eyes, a white collar, a little white on her belly and one white toe. Her two kittens are both tabbies with white paws and some white on their chest and face.

black cat with kittens
Lydia and her kittens


Lydia is solid black, a little larger but just as sweet. Her kittens are one tabby and two black kittens; here you see stripes in the black kittens, but I can tell you from experience that the stripes fade as they grow older.

Mimi says, “I remember those days…this was me five years ago. Let’s help these mama cats get the same sweet deal I did!”

Their rescuers took them into their homes to foster and are working with the owners to find the moms and their kittens homes, and to make sure that all other resident cats are spayed and neutered.

And the people who rescued them are friends of mine, long-time cat rescuers with a house full of cats they’ve already taken in, and they are paying the expenses for these rescues out of their own pockets. I always help shelters and rescues, but I also like to help the responsible rescuers who work within their own neighborhoods, managing and feeding strays and ferals, educating individuals, getting cats spayed and neutered and finding homes for lots of kittens and abandoned adult cats.

All cats will have their shots, and the mama cats will be spayed.

If you’d like to adopt one of these cats, or you’d like to help the rescuers in their mission for this summer, please comment below and I’ll put you in touch. Thanks so much for helping some of the people on the front lines!

Photos provided by the rescuers.

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