The Little Flower

black cat with pink impatiens
Mimi with impatiens.

Mimi enjoys the warm sunshine inside while the impatiens bloom outside in the windowbox.

I saw her in the window as I walked up to my house and snapped a few photos. The bright pink and green and the bits of blue sky reflected with Mimi’s black fur and green eyes almost look springlike, yet it was the last sunny autumn afternoon. The frost has taken the impatiens but Mimi will still enjoy her sunny windowsill. Mimi is always my little flower.

I really love the way a photo taken through a window can look like a collage with the interior objects and the exterior reflections mingling at will. Photographing into windows is tricky, especially double-pane windows caught at an angle as was this one because, even faintly, it doubles the image, and in close-up even the thickness of the glass blurs whatever is behind the window; old wavy glass is even less predictable and more interesting.

Catching the subject inside, Mimi, without her being obscured by reflections on the outside of the window, but catching the reflections on the glass around her meant creeping all around and leaning at odd angles until she appeared framed in reflections with a few bright flowers in actuality and reflected.


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