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“The Kitten Within”: Three Senior Cats in Need of a Home

photos of three cats for adoption
Kasper, Oreo and Foxxy would love to be part of your home!

NEWS FLASH, JUNE 11, 2012: Couldn’t be better news … Foxxy, Kasper & Oreo have found a loving new home all together !

I received this appeal in e-mail from a friend at Animal Advocates in Pittsburgh…

Kittens, they’re everywhere, every shape, color, coat, size and personality imaginable. It’s never easy for a mature cat who’s lost a home to find a new one and in the midst of kitten season the odds are even worse.

tabby cat for adoption

This is the situation faced by Foxxy, Kasper and Oreo, 3 wonderful, loving, very healthy felines whose beloved mistress died recently and who happen to range in age from 11-13. They are spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations. They have had excellent care all of their lives and a recent vet check reflected that good care. They have also been well loved, so they know how to give love. They even extend a paw of friendship to canines, having lived with a dog all of their lives.

Their late guardian was in her 80s and her only human survivor is a sister also in her 80s. She has a few dogs of her own and did take in one of her deceased sister’s cats but that is all she can manage.

tuxedo cat for adoption

Here is what somebody who knows them well says about this trio:

Foxxy is a DSH tabby girl with beautiful markings. She loves people and responds well to tender, loving care. She is loyal and will run to greet you when you come home.

Kasper is a long-haired Turkish Angora with one blue eye and one green eye. He is calm and loving and likes to sit on your lap, especially when you’re watching TV.

Oreo is a classic tuxedo with black coat and 4 white paws and chest. He likes to play but also enjoys sitting on a lap and being petted.

white cat for adoption

These wonderful cats have so much love and some good years to offer to loving, new homes. They can be adopted individually or together, in any combination. Foxxy, Kasper and Oreo are in Pittsburgh, PA.

Best of all: They have a sponsor who will cover their adoption fees.

Please consider, post and pass along as you can.

Thanks, Patty, Animal Advocates, (412) 928-9777.

And a poem about senior kitties, by Patty herself!

The Kitten Inside

(With thanks to those people who give great older cats, great new homes)

Kittens are darling, I have to admit,
As they ramble and gambol and flutter and fit.
But they have the attention span of a gnat,
They’re diverted by this, distracted by that.
Perhaps an old cat might be more your type,
A cat who is seasoned and mellow and ripe.

I won’t tear up your curtains
As a silly kitten will.
I’ll just bask in the sunshine
On your quiet windowsill …

…My reverie is shattered,
A beetle buzzes by,
I dart, I leap, I stretch a paw
and swat him on the fly.
Then you will share my secret
As you watch me dance and spin.
There’s a pouncing, playful kitten
Just waiting deep within.

My years have brought me dignity,
Ineffable grace and style.
Yet when I trust and know you well
(It may take a little while)
I’ll nuzzle close against your chest,
I’ll tickle your face with my fur
And as you hold and cuddle me
I’ll mew and knead and purr.
While you love the old cat I’ve become
It must be nice to see
The tender, flirty kitten
Who is still inside of me.

When you chose an old cat
You never dreamed,
But I never had any doubt
That with patience, laughter and lots of love
You could coax a kitten out.

© Patty Murphy

animal advocates pittsburgh logo
Animal Advocates Pittsburgh

Established in 1984, Animal Advocates is a non-profit, all-volunteer, Pittsburgh-based animal welfare organization involved in the rescue and permanent placement of cats and dogs who are in need of finding new homes. Many of our animals are either special needs or came to us when previous owners were forced to relinquish their pets under difficult circumstances. Others come from open door shelters who can only keep animals for a very limited period of time.

Photos provided by Animal Advocates.

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