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Creating With Cats: The Fake Kitty, and Something New

black cat paws on shelf
Mewsette's paws on the edge of the shelf.
cat paws on shelf
This is what we saw.

I’ve been helping artist Chaz Letzkus with a new project, so he’s been visiting my house—and, of course, my cats!

As I was working at the computer in my studio, he pointed at the black paws draped off the edge of the shelf over the door on the landing.

“That’s a fake cat,” he said. “Those are the same paws that were there the last time I was here.”

He was kidding, but it was funny because the paws we saw were exactly like the paws we saw the last time he was here, Mewsette’s big fluffy feet and thick tail. And though Mewsette is by no means fat or long-haired she has a wonderful big soft fluffiness that makes her seem like a big stuffed toy when I pet her.

We walked out on to the landing to tickle her toes. She was quite relaxed up there on the shelf.

two black cats on shelf
They look a little surprised!

To our surprise, the toes moved, but by the sound of it there was too much happening on the shelf! As it turns out, Bean was up there with her stretched out against the wall behind Mewsette. Trust these Four inseparable kitties to be cuddling together on a 12″ wide shelf.

chaz with hidden animal drawing on canvas
Chaz with one of his drawings printed on canvas.

But Chaz and I have gotten his project done and we’ll be having some fun with a few offers here on The Creative Cat in July. We’ll just say it’s a big deal for a “black-and-white guy” as Chaz calls himself to wander into the realm of…color.

Read more about Chaz and his hidden animal  drawing in Creating With Cats: An Unintentional Life’s Work and see a few of Chaz’s drawings and visit his website,

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