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So…what’s a Patreon?

Well, it’s a crowdfunding page for creative people to be able to source income for creative projects, as a short answer. It’s not like other pages that collect donations until the goal is reached. The intent on Patreon is to find “patrons” who will pledge a recurring amount to create an income stream.

The platform provides a place where creative people can market to and communicate directly with people interested in their projects, and supporters can pledge a certain amount each month toward the creative efforts. “Sustainable” is the operative word for that income, and some people on Patreon do earn enough to live on and support expenses for their project.

I actually set up my Patreon profile in 2017 when I had begun working on the books described below, then my increasing debility leading up to my hip replacement in 2019 slowed everything to a crawl. I never really had a chance to use the profile as intended, interacting with donors and sharing new works there. The last thing I want is another profile that needs to be fed and watered every day, and that’s part of how Patreon works by encouraging updates on projects and rewards and thank yous for donors who support it, but at this point I am in much better shape to be able to maintain my profile.

What would I use it for?

I have places to present my artwork for sale, but writing is a little different, as is a project that combines the two. I would like to accomplish two things with this Patreon page:

  1. To have the time to focus and explore my inspirations and see them through, and to publish and distribute them in physical form.
  2. In addition, I’d love to update my equipment in this area as I did my equipment in my art areas by investing in some simple video and audio equipment to record my publications as well as to create video presentations.

This is part of “the artists’ life”, and it’s a part many non-creative people don’t really know about. If you’re going to produce quality work you have a certain amount of upfront expenses to do that. Then you can’t just keep it in your house and hope someone discovers you. You need to market and show and network and all sorts of other things, and that too has expenses. My graphic design work pays the bills.

For the most part all my art expenses are paid by art and merchandise sales, but I can’t extend it far enough to pay for my hours to write or illustrate, or the costs of creating physical copies of these books. Until one of them starts earning more or I have a few of these books out and selling, I have to find another way to cover the expenses for these projects.

My art is easy to publish and present, but how many times have I said “I’d really like to do this” in reference to my rescue stories and poetry and illustrated books and more, and nothing comes of it? Even with all your encouragement it’s still too big of a financial risk for me. The books and materials I’d publish cost money, but even before that taking the time to create a dozen linoleum block prints for A Christmas Eve Rescue or painting the illustrations for Meet Lucy isn’t something I can afford to do, even a little bit at a time. I know, because I’ve tried to set a goal with one illustration a week, or a month, or waiting until I have more time in January, and been disappointed. Yet I still really want to create these things.

However, during the pandemic, along with all my other reorganizations, I’ve also reorganized my schedule. Anthologizing stories or essays for an electronic book is far easier for me now than it was a few years ago. I began the process of editing and organizing two ready ideas. Now I know that I can follow through.

You would be familiar with the five books I have in my header image. They range from reprints to totally new books, but those five only include my ongoing feline inspirations and not even the rescue anthologies I talk about all the time. Nor does it include the non-feline fiction and poetry I’d love to publish. So we’ll see if this works to help me along with that.

Click the links below to read a little more about the projects above right now.
Feline Style Sampler, reprint and new edition
A Little Bit About Kelly, edit the entire edition from the posts here, organize images, design and print
Paths I Have Walked, my first poetry book, published in 2011, it’s time for a reprint and a new edition
Meet Lucy, the Most Exceptional Kitten the World Has Ever Known, a dozen or more illustrations, design and print
A Christmas Eve Rescue, edit text eight to 12 linoleum block print illustrations, design and print

Thanks to my readers for your support all these years! Just know that I’m working on all those promises I made, and all these works that come from love.

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