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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From the Tree…

two black cats on windowsill
Mimi and Bean—who is built just like his mom?!

Wait a minute—seeing double, or what?!

What are the chances I’d get a comparison this clear? Jelly Bean doesn’t really have his mom’s facial features and his head isn’t quite as round, but he’s built just like her down to the divots around their shoulders. They have the same short fur with the distinct mahogany cast, petite paws, shorter tail, pleasantly rounded figure even to the angle of their front legs.

Wonder if Mimi is proud of her children? I’m sure!

Bean looks like he does because we woke him up.

Here’s another comparison with her children, with Giuseppe in a box where you can clearly see the similarity in their eyes.

I got dozens of lovely photos on this sunny morning when all were gathered in this sunny area, but this one really stood out. Hope they gather there again so I can show off more of how beautiful they are on a mild sunny spring morning!


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4 thoughts on “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From the Tree…

  • Jelly Bean looks so much like my old cat Scarecrow in this photograph. I think its the attitude in the eyes and the white flash of fur on the chest. Wonderful shot!

    • Vicki, just like you with Sugar, I think we always have a special relationship with those momcats. Mimi is my girl.


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