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Thanks for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Kreative Blogger Award

Thanks to Mark Wallis of The Vibes for honoring The Creative Cat with this award for “Wonderful paintings of animals and people complete with witty commentary.” I’m flattered! It’s really my cats who do the witty commentary, and, well, those paintings, sure, but if it weren’t for my felines I’d never win any awards. Lately he’s been using Instagram and his cool and colorful travels through music, art and society in Manchester, England, are real eye-candy and especially read about Sparky and other cats who have shared his life.

Okay, seven interesting facts about me…

1. Under my henna-red hair, which we discussed when I won the ABC Award, I am nearly 100% gray. Still shocks me when my roots start to come in, especially because the henna is just a little brighter than my natural chestnut color.

2. My college degree and advanced education is not in art as everyone seems to think—I have a BA in English “emphasizing creative and professional writing” (Edinboro State College didn’t have a major in writing). Later that degree helped me get a job when the person reading my resume assumed I was a good typist with all that writing I’d done (I was, 103 wpm) so I got my first job as a typesetter. Sometimes, that’s how it goes.

I’m running out of ideas already.

3. I am a Master Gardener and about 25 years ago nearly purchased a greenhouse business intending to make it into one of the first all-organic greenhouse and landscape operations in my area, starting all the plant seeds myself and using as many heirloom vegetables and plants as I could find.

4. I still garden in my back yard, and for nearly a decade I grew nearly everything I ate out of this little plot, with cold frames and raised beds, and canned and jellied and otherwise processed everything I could for winter. My yard grew shady as my neighbor’s trees grew (natural air conditioning) so it no longer produces enough and it’s still odd to go shopping for food.

Three more…

5. I work with environmental organizations to work on brochures, websites and other projects that need to be publicized according to grant requirements and also designing newsletters so I know all sorts of cool facts about how much rain water can be collected off your roof into a rain barrel and just how abandoned mine drainage is formed in old mine chambers.

6. I don’t have a television, and haven’t had one since 1993—cable became too expensive and I wasn’t watching it anyway. I listen to the radio (public radio) and recorded books, and now I can find a lot of news on the internet. No sign of a TV coming back into the house.

7. I’ve been working on a computer since 1979, yes we had computers then, just not personal computers, and data entry was done on them at colleges, one of my many work-study jobs; I continued with computers through the 80s with my “unintended career” as a typesetter and then graphic designer, and I’ve owned a personal computer since 1993.

Now for the part I am always uncomfortable about in this award practice: name seven blogs who win the award. First, how could I limit it to seven? Second, how could I explain to the ones who are not on the list?

I’m going to take the chicken way out. See that list on the right? It’s pretty well up to date. Choose any one there and visit them!


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15 thoughts on “Thanks for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

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  • Well that was interesting! Some I knew, some I didn’t, some I guessed …. the BA in English is no surprise lol. It’s always interesting to learn new things about folk 🙂 Congratulations!

    • Thanks for reading, Carolyn! Talking about my art and my cats is one thing, talking about my cats is another, but I guess I survived it.

  • Hey Bernadette, congrats! Thanks for the seven interesting facts about you.

    • Thanks for visiting, Herman! I thought I sounded pretty dull, but maybe not.

  • Congratulations and thanks for the fabulous write up about my blog. So you were a graphic designer too? I didn’t know that!

    • Mark, I love looking at your blog! Same here–you were a graphic designer too?! For me graphic designer is still in the present tense, for as much as people have things designed now. I still have a few customers who appreciate a skilled professional, for them I am glad.

      • Yes, I’m currently a graphic designer. I look at all the fantastic painters on wordpress and I want to start painting again. If I could capture light like you do…

        • Mark, it’s not such a bad thing to be a graphic designer. I’m a little tired of it after 30 years, but I still enjoy it when I get a challenging project. Keep working on your painting, you’ll get there–it took me nearly a decade. Just learn to see it and then to work it into what you so.

  • Thanks for sharing your 7 interesting fact – some I knew and some I didn’t. I can soooo relate to Fact #1! 😉

    • Vicki, I think we’re all there now with #1. But likewise I enjoyed reading about you–I met you when you were still in fundraising mode and you called yourself an accountant, but it wasn’t long after that, the first BlogPaws, you made a big change!


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