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Thank You For A Wonderful Year

winter sunset
“Last Day of the Year”

The photo above may contain a cat in it somewhere, but it’s really just my favorite photo from December 31, 2005, fitting that the last sunset of any year should be as stunning as this.

But just as this photo couldn’t possibly capture the depth and detail of this sunset, so a simple blog post could can hardly convey how much I appreciate your comments here and privately, your stories and photos, the accomplishments as artists you share, your good wishes for my household of felines when they are unwell and sharing the joy in my wonderful Family of Five and each of them individually and in combinations, your support, and sharing the everyday things we all enjoy in addition to our felines.

I am still gobsmacked that so many of you voted for me all through June that I was nominated for Best Cat Blog in the Petties, and then you continued voting for me through July. Like, wow. All the time and effort on your part to vote every day, and to encourage others to vote as well, is one of those things that tells me I’m on the right path with what I’m sharing on The Creative Cat. I’m always ambivalent about contests, but when those who win are cats and cat rescuers, I don’t mind at all asking for your votes.

Thank you for your interest and caring for Lakota and Emeraude, and your sympathies when we lost the magnificent Lakota. I thought we’d lose Emeraude before the end of the year as well, but she apparently has other plans, especially since in the months following Lakota’s loss she’s been more and more friendly and is constantly happy despite her discomfort. I appreciate your interest and well wishes for her, and I hope that following the lives of these two rescued geriatric cats encourages anyone who is considering rescuing, fostering or adopting a senior or geriatric cat to run out and save one.

I spent a good part of the year still posting reprise photos of Cookie and Kelly in their memory, especially around the anniversaries of their passing, and I thank you for your continued sympathy as I shared them. You’ll still see them, but the difficult first year is over and I don’t feel they’ll soon be forgotten.

For those of you many people who responded to my calls for donations in the name of critically injured kittens, senior cats rescued from the streets, rescued cats who needed high-cost emergency care, food drives for colony cats, benefit auctions for HCMT, etc., etc., etc., thank you for donating at the level you did. The money is well-used and the donations even from strangers is a great moral support to those who are out on the streets trapping and caring for cats in all weather, all the time. Of course, many of you are also current or former rescuers yourselves, so you know exactly what those people are doing, and how important this support is.

I’ve covered a number of older commissioned portraits and artwork, and though I still have some to share I have big plans for new art in the coming year that I’ll be sharing in progress photos, or finished depending on the art itself. I also got my feet wet with making a variety of handmade things this year, but there are many more to come in all categories, and some completely new things I’m so excited to present, and a few planned collaborations with other artists and creative people.

So thank you again and again, and I’m looking forward to an even better 2014 for all of us!

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versatile blogger award

Thanks to Noodle for honoring us with the Versatile Blogger Award in December 2!

sunshine award

And to Playful Kitty for the Sunshine Award!

I don’t always fully participate in awards, not because I don’t like them but because I don’t like to leave anyone out when I choose blogs. And as for facts about me, well, I write about me all the time! But here are a few posts from other awards that have a few lists of facts.

Thanks again! I’m very honored! I hope your mew year rings in safe and happy and prosperous, and full of cat hair!

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5 thoughts on “Thank You For A Wonderful Year

  • Dear Bernadette, Thank you for being compassionate and passionate. I’m TRYING to thank you on a cell phone with one of my gentle,beautiful,rescued and very furry babies watching each finger move as I slowly write.
    I will have to comment more at another time-Cleo is waiting for her breakfast. Catz r FUN. Luv to u and your kidz. I’m laughing with my kitty as her tail swishing back and forth on my arm. One of her ways she tells md she’s knows she is luved. It’s moments like this that make us all happy to have the chance, make the right choice to rescue, donate to shelters and volunteer to help not only catz, but all animals in need.
    Thank you for shsring so much of your life with us. Cleo NEEDS food and thankz u 2.
    Luv, Angel’s Mamma

  • Thank YOU Bernadette for the sharing the stories of these wonderful kitties! And for all you do to help rescue and raise awareness of the issues facing our feline friends! Happy 2014!

    • Thank you for reading and for caring about all those kitties Sued! Happy Mew Year!

  • Nancy Blue Moon

    Thank you Bernadette..for sharing your talent and your fur family with us..Pawsome New Year wishes from me and my fur kids..also dear lady..the best things in life are covered in cat hair..Hugs!

    • Thank you for reading Nancy! I’m glad you enjoy them, and I always love to see you’ve visited. Happy Mew Year!


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