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4 thoughts on “Speaking of “The Joy of Pets” on Pet Memorial Sunday

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  • Stephanie Witham

    I live in Clovis, CA, but wish I could be there for this wonderful event. I still grieve over the loss of my kitties and have to believe that we’ll all be together someday. They are my world. I have 10 indoor kitties right now, all pretty much the same age and all quite healthy and happy. I love them all every day and spoil them. And I spay/neuter and feed all the roaming kitties in my neighborhood. I will keep the information about this event and read more about the speakers, etc. Thank you. Stephanie

    • Stephanie, how wonderful of you to rescue all those cats! That’s how I got started, and had nine or ten for years. I’m so glad I can offer my words to those who have lost, and it’s a wonderful event because we are all together instead of grieving alone. I wish you could find a group to be with. Thanks for visiting, and if I hear of anything near Clovis I’ll be sure to let you know.


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