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Sold Original Painting: Waiting on Christmas Night

Waiting on Christmas Night, pastel, 10″ x 12″, 2021© Bernadette E. Kazmarski
Waiting on Christmas Night, pastel, 10″ x 12″, 2021© Bernadette E. Kazmarski

I’m so excited that my newest cat painting will be going to a new home for Christmas—a friend purchased the framed original for her nine-year-old granddaughter who is very sensitive to artwork, and also has her own black kitty to love.

I am thrilled! Sharing cats with another cat lover of any age is a joy, and then to know that a very visual thinker and creative girl will have an original painting that she can study as she develops her creative sensibilities, and also enjoy for our shared love of kitties, I’m just over the moon.

“Waiting on Christmas Night” is a 10″ x 12″ pastel, just painted at the beginning of December, 2021. I can still make giclee and canvas prints and already had greeting cards printed, and I also made a holiday votive. No doubt we’ll see more of this painting in years to come.

You can find the post for this painting in my gallery of Cat Artwork.

Mewsette often sits in the window and waits for me, but years ago, when I had the candles in the window for the holidays, she was always the one who was waiting for me when I came home after vendor shows or holiday activities. I put together years of photos of her to create this new painting.

I took a bunch of photos of her at the window when I had my holiday decorations up over several years from 2009 to 2013, and shared them on my website, The Creative Cat, like these—and I’m sure you’ll recognize the first one.

After that year I quit with the candles because my fosters and my cats had too much fun, all I did was put them back in place, even though I had them taped to the windowsill. Because the conditions were challenging, many photos were blurry or didn’t turn out at all, but still had features I liked. I had all those photos, and knew I wanted to do something with them for the holidays. I debated having the whole window, or just Mewsette and the candle, maybe some other things in the background, a different curtain, I had a decade to think it over, and a lot of photos to look at.

black cat at window with candolier
Mewsette is happy inside.

I always loved this one best, her expression, the drape of the curtains, taken on Christmas night in 2010, hence the title. I’ve wanted to paint this for years, but I also wanted some other features in the painting. I have two front windows and the dining room window had the colored lights in the windowbox right under where she sat. In those photos, when I got the holiday lights right in the photo, you couldn’t see Mewsette in the window. So I had to put a bunch of photos together because the shots were so difficult, at night, and in some Mewsette was clear, in others the candle or the lights. So I made a composite of photos that I like. Here’s one of the photos of the lights under the dining room window.

Holiday lights

In other photos I had lights inside. I only tried having a tree inside once, but I often brought in branches from my spruces and decorated over my doorways and windows, and that appeared in some of the photos too. So I put all this together and created this one image that had all the things I liked about Mewsette watching for me out the window.

Here is a closeup of her face with the candle highlights and shadows.

Mewsette at the window.

Coming around to today, I am happy to have painted two new original cat paintings and one original nature painting this year, but I had big dreams for catching up on all the artwork I’ve wanted to do over the years. December was coming around and I knew I really wanted a new feline holiday image. I pulled all the materials together and over two weeks didn’t manage to put the image together and get it done. December 1 came along, and, just like in 2017 when I decided I had to paint Allegro Moderato after waiting so many years even though it was already October 2, I did the same this year, except that she had to wait until December 3, yesterday. But it’s exciting when a painting has been waiting so long and I finally get to paint it, it’s as if the painting is as ready as me and it just comes out of my hands like magic. I had also planned a nature image and yesterday was gung-ho to get to it, but I will wait for January for that one; I have many winter nature images to choose from.

I had also wanted a new image for my holiday open house this month, and I’m so happy to have something new for my post card and promotions. I’ve already sent the image off to print holiday cards too, and I’m especially happy to have a new feline holiday card to offer!


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