She Dragged Out the Baby Pictures

black cat washing black kitten
Mimi caught in the act: a young Jelly Bean enjoys a bath from his mom.

I can have no pride when mom is on a creative rampage. We caught her digging through boxes and cartons in the entertainment center and she wouldn’t even help us look, though you can be sure I would have gotten in her way if I had known she was looking up the photos she took when my babies were tiny. At least she didn’t choose another where I’m nursing them and my lovely figure is all distorted!

But these aren’t so bad. Sigh…I almost feel wistful.

black cat washing black kitten
Mimi finishes Bean's bath while Giuseppe plays with her tail.

I finally found the envelopes of photos from the first several months of the lives of the Big Four! I have some digitals, but my digital camera then left a lot to be desired, and I was struggling with the transition from film. I’ll have to post a few of them just being cute kittens, plus some very early photos of them on the bed and compare them with today!


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2 thoughts on “She Dragged Out the Baby Pictures

  • May 8, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    Very Sweet !!!!!!

    Happy Mommy’s Day !!!! I wish you have a wonderful time : )



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