Shadow Kitty

cat shadow on door
Windowsill Kitty Shadow

Jelly Bean casts a big shadow on the door from his perch on the windowsill. I really enjoyed how the glow of the sun is centered right behind him, as if he’s in the spotlight. He likes it there!

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2 thoughts on “Shadow Kitty

  • November 2, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    Jelly Bean in the spotlight! I love how your art has so much to do with light and shadow, especially sunlight as it plays around the edges of your cats’ fur and leaves that dreamy look that we all know on the contented faces of your beautiful felines.

    This photo reminds me of a neighbor who casts shadows like this on the side of her barn at night with a big floodlight and a small cutout in front of it. Right now there is a huge pumpkin shadow covering the whole side of a huge barn. Amazing how it magnifies!

    I’m thinking about you and the loss of dear Peaches. I too have experienced those “visits” from my beloved felines after they have passed. I know exactly how special those moments are when you get the messages that they are still with us in spirit and very happy where they are. I’ve found such joy in knowing that I still have a strong heart connection with my dear feline soul mate, Hattie. Those visits bring a wonderful joy to my heart and help to ease the feelings of loss and sadness. I’m so glad to hear about that happening with you and Peaches. Love reading your posts about all of it!

    Purrs and hugs,

    • November 3, 2010 at 12:00 am

      Susan, how good to hear from you! I haven’t heard about Hattie in a while and I’m glad to hear your heart is healing.

      I was a student of the Impressionists long before I knew what one was–it’s all about how the light falls on the subject, how it changes the colors and creates movement, I could go on, but I feel privileged that I see the world as one big impressionist painting some days.

      I’ve seen those big “decorative shadows”–some people have them at the holidays and they are Santa and his reindeer, or a snowman or something like that. I’m not too much into holiday lawn ornaments, but I do like those!

      Peaches cheated death in order to go on and teach others about life. It’s my job to help her with that. Thanks for taking the time to read about her–I know the articles were long, but it’s not a simple topic.

      Love to you from me and my felines!


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