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Scratch Me Here, the Bean Debut in May 2011

black cat with white spot
"Scratch Me Here"

Jelly Bean prominently displays his “scratch me here” spot.

He is the only one of the Family of Five who has a significant white spot on his chest, as is common in cats of a solid color or markings elsewhere on their bodies. Giuseppe has a little loose row of white hairs like a little necklace, Mewsette has a small collection in a group on her chest and Mr. Sunshine about six white hairs scattered on his chest, though he does have a little white pouf on his belly. Mimi has no organized spots at all.

Jelly Bean the Jellicle Cat
Jelly Bean the Jellicle Cat

JB’s isn’t really a spot, it’s more like a smudge, as if it got smeared at some point in his development. When he was a baby it looked horizontal like a clerical collar; at that time his name was still “Rodolfo” after the male lead in La Boheme so I called him “Father Rodolfo”. He was still a baby then!

black cat bathing on bed
Don't Look!

What you can’t see unless Jelly Bean decides to let it all hang out is his little white Speedo on his belly; alternately, I call this his “thong” or his “diaper”, depending on my mood. No matter, The Bean is unendingly cute. I don’t know how he got to be so cute, but I figure his white spots have something to do with it.

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8 thoughts on “Scratch Me Here, the Bean Debut in May 2011

  • Anonymous

    He looks exactly like my cat.

  • Hello! I have a lovely cat who looks just like the cats pictured. I was wondering if anyone knew the breed? My cat (Darci) resembles a Havana Brown. In the sun her fur is dark brown, but she has the same white spots on her chin and tummy. I’m interested in knowing more about her breed and was wondering if anyone could give me any information. Your cats are beautiful!!

    Thank you!

    • Emily, Jelly Bean thanks you for the compliment! He gets teased all the time because he has those white bits. But I don’t think these cats are any breed–their mom belonged to a neighbor and came from a shelter, and she apparently went around looking for unneutered black male cats in order to have so many black kittens, so there’s a lot of genetics at work there. She looks very much like a Burmese, but I think it’s just by chance. All five have differing amounts of mahogany cast to their fur, and Mimi, the mom, has the most. Havana Brown cats are distinctly brown all over–years ago I had thought my black cat was as well until I saw a Havana Brown at a cat show. The white spots in those places are not uncommon.

      This site has an enormous amount of information: Look for breeding and genetics, then visit the websites for particular breeds and read the breed standards. You’ll be able to pinpoint a breed that way! Thanks for visiting.

  • We have a cat who hangs around who looks just like Bean with a dash of white. Looks like an ideal scritching spot!

    • My first black cat had a little white spot too, it’s very dear to me. Of course, the Bean is the Bean and we all know he’s the cutest thing on four legs.

  • Laurie and the "Girls"

    Mr. Bean sure is a handsome guy! I love the “Thong” spot to! Head buts and kitty kisses to your furry family from mine!


    • Laurie, he’s about the cutest think on four legs! I think that’s why he was endows with those “special features”.


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