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Rescue Story: Thanks to Onyx & Breezy

black cat in sunshine

I’ve been checking Mr. Sunshine’s lump area once or twice a week, and because we presume it was an injection-site sarcoma I’ve also been checking his brothers who received the same vaccine. I hold my breath each time, but I find nothing. Yay! And Dr. Michelle stopped yesterday and gave Sunshine a once-over and found, or didn’t find, the same thing.

I still can’t believe it, and now and then I look at how he would be now if he had had a hind leg removed and possibly a portion of his abdomen resectioned.

And I remember the fear that I wouldn’t be able to pull together the estimated high end of $6,400 for his care, or that I would incur some deep debt that I’d have difficulty working with as a self-employed person, and care for all my cats would be impaired.

I didn’t presume to either get all the credit I needed or raise that in money from friends, that would be too much to ask. I also researched and applied to almost two dozen organizations that offer assistance to pay for care for pets when an owner can’t afford it, narrowing my choices down to those focusing on cancer care and life-saving surgeries.

Onyx & Breezy, a foundation based near New York City, was one organization that offered me a grant that would be paid to the specialty hospital the day of the surgery. I was so relieved and grateful!

Even though I didn’t need to use it, and I’m glad for that, there may still come a time that I do. And I also know that organizations who offer funding grants, Onyx & Breezy among them, are funded by donations from the public. Covid hit charitable donations very hard in the first year, and donations still aren’t back to the level they were prior to 2020, but pets like Mr. Sunshine are still in need, possibly even moreso because of the impact of Covid on all of us. I am sharing their information today to help get the word out about the work they do.

About Onyx & Breezy

The organization is named for two beloved black labs who passed away in 2004 and whose family founded the foundation. Not only do they help pet owners whose pets have medical needs, but they also support:

  • Spay and neuter programs
  • Rescue of animals from kill shelters
  • Food, medicine and supplies
  • Cancer Research
  • Medicine and equipment for military and police canines
  • Equipment for medical facilities
  • Puppy mill rescues and disaster relief
  • Shelters, rescues, foster groups and sanctuaries
  • Pets of individuals where medical hardship is present
  • Helping the dogs of veterans suffering from PTSD
  • Other endeavors that benefit the welfare of animals

That list is a very big order, as well all know the costs of spay and neuter and rescue!

While it’s often a good idea to support the organizations closest to you, an organization like Onyx & Breezy that offers individual support over the entire country may help someone you know one day as it would have helped me. Most of all you know that an individual in need will get the help they need with your donation.

Their website includes testimonials from those they’ve helped, news stories about the work they do as well as videos from their national spokesperson Gabrielle Carteries and a thank you from none other than Betty White herself on their 10th anniversary.

A page offers a variety of ways to donate. They also have a store with both pet-related and everyday items that helps to raise funds, and an eternity wall where you can buy a pawprint in memory of a beloved pet, yours or someone else’s.

I’ll be donating items to their 18th Annual Virtual Gala Online Auction in October to help them raise funds. I have a couple of full-size prints of “Peaches and Peonies” and “Are You Looking at Me?” to choose from, the two paintings that get the greatest response wherever they go, and other items as well. We don’t often have anything extra to share with others, I know I am often just making ends meet, but even $5.00 helps a cause.

And thanks again!

And thanks again to all of you who donated for Mr. Sunshine’s care! Even just the testing was costly, and I’m working my way through his siblings for their “senior exams” now too, and grateful I can afford this.

four black cats
After the catnip party.

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