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Recovery is Going Great!

My physical therapy supurrvisors on Sunday morning.
My physical therapy supurrvisors on Sunday morning.

My surgery was Thursday and already I’m standing unaided, and walking with only my cane, easily, though slowly, making it up and down my stairs, all with minimal pain medications. Above is my supervisory committee to ensure I did my home physical therapy today. I had many concerns with coming home from this alone and managing myself in this house which is not hospitable to recovery. Everything has been fine, and my felines have been great assistants in my health.

First of all, last Saturday night, the weekend before my hip replacement…

The Dancing Queen, and my disco dress from when I was 17.
The Dancing Queen, and my disco dress from when I was 17.

My last gig before my hip replacement, photographing Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall’s benefit, “Carnegie SWINGS!”, and I’m dressed for the dance party in a dress I wore when I was 17–yes, late 70s disco! Along with my silver cane. Not bad for 58, and hoping to be dancing again soon.

I spent all of last week up to my surgery date preparing my house for my surgery and recovery. So many boxes needed to be moved to other places in the house, and many are permanent moves. Some things ended up in the basement or out on the deck that I’ll have to move back in. But I managed to clear out space to easily walk with at least a cane if not a walker, and see my house as it actually could be. Most of this was coming, and is very welcome.

I was exhausted at the end of each day and though I’d planned to post I just couldn’t get to the computer and stay awake long enough, not to mention temperatures were in the 90s again, though it is October. But it was good to just take the time to work hard leading up to the big event.

I contacted friends who could help me and made up a schedule of comings and goings and who had the time.


The October plant!

“Well, I had a great nap this afternoon and when I woke up someone had replaced my old hip with a new one! I’m feeling fine, very little pain, friends say I look great but I haven’t seen myself yet. I had a little walk and talked on the phone, and Carol came to visit and brought me this plant! Denise (who feeds the ferals at the top of the hill) said all my kitties came out when she went to feed them tonight, including the four shy ones. I’m going to have a great night’s sleep. Thanks for all your prayers and healing thoughts!”

Deana took me in and Carol (Butterscotch’s mom) came to meet me and sit while I was in surgery. She had to leave before I got to my room, but returned later with my stuff and this cute plant. I love it!

Later, when physical and occupational therapy came by and got me up on my feet, my knee kept buckling, which really had me concerned. I didn’t walk until the next day.


What a busy day! Not much sleep the night before because of sleeping on my back (lying flat on my back irritates my scoliosis and is very painful), but everything got better from there. And I found out I would be be staying until Saturday. Initially I was to come home on Friday, which is a standard stay for this surgery, but my surgeon discussed this with my insurance and they agreed to wait for an assessment from physical therapy and would cover a second day if PT thought it was necessary. I was not ready that day!

I could put weight on my surgery leg right away Friday morning as opposed to Thursday when my knee was buckling on me. The nurses explained that my surgeon has a pain relief cocktail for during and after surgery that keeps the surgery area numb so that narcotic or opioid pain relief isn’t really needed by the time the numbness wears off.

My morning PT appointment was surprisingly painful and I was shocked at how little control I had over my leg. My foot kept twisting inward and the therapist explained I had those muscles cut that controlled that movement.

That session had me wondering how long I would be learning to walk again and it was followed by a lot of pain. I came back to my room and had an ice pack and pain reliever, something more than Tylenol. I chose to try a Oxycontin to see how I would react to it. In minutes I was dizzy and drowsy so I laid down for a nap. 45 minutes and the pain was almost gone, and I was refreshed, but one of those was enough. I chose Ultram for the rest of my deeper pain relief.

Deb Chebatoris visited me with treats in the afternoon! I love my local hospital, but their food is really not good, so Deb’s surprise visit was very welcome.

My afternoon PT session restored my confidence when I found I had much more control and balance. I will need to get another walker, but I have enough canes and a shower chair I can borrow. With just that I could see my recovery before me.


Mimi and I went outside first thing.
Mimi and I went outside first thing.

While I was in the weather had finally turned autumnal, and Mimi was ready to go outside! Baylee‘s mom Janet drove me home and settled me down, then Susan, who adopted Tux and Willie came to spend time with me and took this photo.

Me on the porch.

Since then I’ve had other visitors, and started getting back into the swing of things here.

I have to say that I’m thrilled with how well my surgery worked out. I was truly concerned I’d have difficulty just getting around in the house, let alone getting back to work. The most daunting part of it was keeping a roof over my head while I was in the hospital. As always, I’m short on income because this prevented me from attending vendor events, so please visit www.PortraitsOfAnimals.net and refer your friends to my site! I’m planning an open house here as soon as I can stand long enough to work one up. But I’m back to it now!

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Feline Images from Portraits of Animals!


pastel sketch of cat
“Here in the Shadows”, pastel on pastello paper, 7.5″ x 11″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

A very good place to be on a hot day. Jelly Bean is in the shadows behind the curtain, dozing on top of the wardrobe by the open window. He was really the only part I was interested in, his deep blackness with the few intense highlights defining a few features. It’s how I see him when he sleeps there. Pastel carries this off so well, even the texture of the paper.

Read more and purchase.


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10 thoughts on “Recovery is Going Great!

  • I’m so glad your recovery is flowing so well. Take care, keep the purring healers close.

  • It’s terrific to hear that you are recovering nicely! Just don’t push it; let yourself heal, and listen to your doctor! Gosh, you can fit into clothes that you wore as a kid…WOW! I am impressed!

    • The dress was unexpected, but gratifying! I’m happy to follow the rules on this. I’m so happy that I could come home and move around my house without having to stay on the first floor, so many complications!

  • Mary McNeil

    Purrayers and POTP to you and your supervisors for a speedy recovery !

  • I’m glad the surgery is now over! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • Thanks, Catwoods–I’m looking forward to winter hikes!

  • databbiesotrouttowne


    didn’t know you had to have this done. prayers that your recovery is pain free and
    swift and you’re on the road to complete recovery in no time. my sister had this done;
    last november and the other hip in june. I’ve been told knee is worse….knock wood 3
    times, I’ve never had either. seriously, look into tumeric….no joke. you can get it
    at any place that sells vitamins and herbs. I take 800 mg a day

    I know the crew will look out for and over “mom B”…they HAVE TO !! right !! ♥♥♥

    • Thanks, Tabbies! This was coming for two years because I didn’t have health insurance and had to wait until not being able to sell at vendor events reduced my income so that I qualified. Turmeric didn’t do a thing for this, nor did yucca, nor natural egg membrane, nor electromagnetic healing or anything else. it was going to happen at some point no matter what I did. No one can figure out why because I have arthritis in all my joints, but they are all stable, nothing like this, and no one else in my family has had one even though they’ve had everything else that I don’t. The other hip shows no signs of it. I’m already walking without an aid, but I only do it now and then. And the crew is purring all over me! They were part of in-home physical therapy today!


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