Pomegranate Toes

Tortoiseshell cat with pomegranate toes
Kelly's pomegranate toes.

One of Kelly’s tortie hind paws is solid black—well, it does have a few orange hairs in there, but it’s more black than a lot of her parts. But that foot has the special red toes that have always looked like pomegranate berries to me. Kelly is sleeping in one of her jumbled positions so in this photo, you see both of her hind paws while her front paws are tucked in elsewhere. Just to clarify, somewhat, I’ve included another photo of her sleeping on the stool, below, from a slight distance. The angle of the light and the color of the light is what makes the coloring in this photo so odd, but you “get the picture”.

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on stool
The full view of Kelly.

Well, maybe this angle is a little more clear, but not as cute. I’ve just been enjoying so much Kelly sharing my studio again.

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on stool
Kelly from above, maybe this is more clear.

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