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Poem for Sunday: Upon Seeing Himself in a Mirror

kitten looking at himself in a mirror
Who is that kitten?

Upon Seeing Himself in a Mirror


Startled, an unexpected
kitten before him, he
cautiously greets this unknown feline, offers
friendly gestures though it has no
true kitten attributes, no smell or sound. He
doesn’t know, of course, it is
himself he sees, for he
senses himself in a different way, the
horrors he endured before rescue
blurred in the distant darkness of his reflection,
and with trust he has learned reaches out to
this hesitant, wide-eyed kitten with kindness
to share the lesson
he has learned.

Upon Seeing Himself in a Mirror © 2014 Bernadette E. Kazmarski

. . . . . . .

Smokie has just discovered a few new places, and one of them is the top of the wardrobe where so many cats have sat to watch the day and nap. It has a great view down the steps and into both upstairs rooms, and right next to the bathroom door a kitty can just look around the doorframe to see what’s happening in there. It’s a favorite place, but not all that easy to get to unless a ninja shows you how to stand here, jump up onto the windowsill, carefully turn around and leap straight up onto the top of the wardrobe., where Smokie encountered…himself, or at least, another cat.

He has seen himself in the bathroom mirror, but in this case he was confronted by a whole cat, not just a face that disappeared when he drew back. He can still be easily frightened, and stood kind of frozen for a second or two, then tentatively reached out to tap the unknown kitty’s nose, his first gesture one of friendship, just as it was when Bella came to live here.

He’s gotten used to himself now, and totally owns the top of that wardrobe. It’s been fulfilling to watch him change and grow.

And after I’d posted this I learned the outcome of the final awards in the Cat Writers Association contest, and that I’d won a Muse Medallion for a poem I wrote earlier this year, Once. Read about the awards here.

I’ve been quite busy in my studio, finishing up my annual calendars and a few other design projects as well as some handmade goods you’ll soon see. With that and some commercial design work, I’ve been very pressed for time but will soon have my posts back on schedule.

. . . . . . .

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2 thoughts on “Poem for Sunday: Upon Seeing Himself in a Mirror

  • Fine poem, I’m glad you wrote one about Smokey, I like him so much, not only because he is really cute, and a black one -that are favorites of mine- but also ’cause he is a young trouper he deserves praise.


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