Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Peaches Has Her Interview!

photo of peaches looking at me
"Go do something else."

Oh, my! I’ve been waiting ALL DAY for my mom to leave the computer. Eva posted a comment on my blog post last night, and I even sat on my mom in bed this morning trying to get-her-up!

We finally got to the computer and I heard her say, “It’s a good day to concentrate and get things done,” something to do with the weather which is out there and I don’t pay any attention to it, but she barely left her seat for long enough for me to grab a snack and get back before her.

photo of peaches on my lap
Guarding mom's lap.

I sat on her lap to make sure I’d know when the computer was free—usually I love days like this—but finally I’ve got a few minutes to answer Eva’s questions.

Hmmm, let’s see…

1) So, what are some of the jobs you’ve had before and what is your favorite?

Peaches with camera
Here I am ready to take a photo.

Well, let’s see. I’m a late bloomer, which is why I hope you don’t mind my age. For all my life before I came to my current mom, I lived with another nice lady and my sister who kind of bullied me and I hid a lot. I’m not sure how it all happened, but the first lady disappeared and here I am, and I didn’t have my first real job until I got here and began to use my mom’s little digital camera. My mom even wrote about it on her old website.

I’ve also become an artist’s model—in fact, I can hardly get any rest that my mom isn’t poking a camera in my face or making me stand still while she’s working so she can get her painting right. Of course, sometimes I’m sleeping and I don’t know.

2) Can you type?

photo of calico cat with keyboard
See, I'm typing.

I can walk on the keyboard, see—lkppppppppppppppppk. Does that count? Of course, I’m typing this.

3) Do you have your own laptop?

You mean that nice warm bed my mom tries to use on the kitchen table? It’s hers, but it’s just my size because it’s what she calls a “notebook”. It’s not mine, though.

4) What are your favorite snacks?  Do you like Encheesladas?

I absolutely LOVE cheese, so if I didn’t like the rest of it I could lick the cheese off. I love any kind of fish at all.

5) What are your favorite places to sleep?

1) Mom’s lap, 2) in front of the heater vent in her office, 3) on her desk under the kitty keep-warm lamps.

6) What would you do if a silly doggie came along and ate your snacks and ruined all of your work?

I would probably go and take a nap until the silly doggie was gone. I got snacks once, I’ll get them again, and I can do the work another time. I’m very small and cute, I can’t scare anyone and no one ever believes it when I try to get mad.

7) What are your pet peeves at home and at work?

photo of calico cat
Do I look hungry enough?

Home and work are the same place here. You mean they’re different places if you’re somewhere else?

Well, as I mentioned first, not getting fed as often as I feel I need, not getting enough lap time unless I guard mom’s lap, and having to deal with the Maddening Mob of two-year-olds who for some reason really like me and they don’t leave me alone.

8) It sounds like you have a really nice home right now, even though snack and lap- time are problems.  Would it be difficult to make such a big change?  Amber’s mom suggested that maybe you could be a virtual assistant.  I don’t know what that is, but I’ll look it up and let you know what I find out.

photo of black cat and calico cat sleeping
Giuseppe is very warm and comforting.

It is a nice home, and I’ve been really happy here for the four years I’ve been here. I just remember how nice it was at my last place where there were only two of us, and even though my sister bullied me I still got a lot of attention and anything at all I wanted to eat. I’d like that again. But I’ve been able to do so many new things since I’ve been here, and I’ve really come to enjoy being with people, and I have to admit I feel better and I’m a lot healthier here than I ever was with my other mom. And the kids aren’t so bad—in fact, Giuseppe curls up with me in the winter and he’s so big and warm I could sleep all day.

I like being a model, too. I don’t suppose there’s any opportunity for that at your house, is there?

photo of black cat and calico
Mimi and I convey the idea of dinner by preventing further work.

Well, I can hear it’s almost supper time, even though I ate less than an hour ago, and then I need to take a nap while you read this. Since everything is electronic, I could be a virtual assistant. We could try that for a while.

And if not, it would be nice to have a friend on the computer.

We have to figure out some way to fool your mom, though!

I look forward to your reply!


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6 thoughts on “Peaches Has Her Interview!

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  • Hi Peaches-I would be very sad if you changed your mind, although you have such a nice home I wouldn’t want to leave. Maybe I could go stay with you! But, I think that ‘you know who’ really needs me. I’ll bet your mom needs you, too. Anyway, it sounds as though you are very busy, but you have so much experience and you are such a good model (I’m not a good model at all) that maybe you could be my friend and my virtual adviser. What would you think of that? Well, I have to go back to reading and typing. Meow for now-EVA!

  • I wanted to make sure I had the best chance! I’ve learned from watching my mom. I can’t wait to hear!~Peaches

  • Hi Peaches, Wow-you really spent a lot of time on this! I understand about having to wait for the computer. Yesterday it was gone all day and I had to wait for so long. I really like your answers and I’m going to read them again today and work on my professional response. I am doing interviewing with the others here as soon as the coast is clear. I wish you lived nearby. We could meet and have fish and cheese together. Talk to you later! EVA!


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