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Others’ Fine Felines: Don’t Touch My Geranium

orange and white cat on chair
Lucky guards his neighbor’s geranium.

This is Lucky who lives up the street, and though he has a home, he considers the whole neighborhood as his home. In fact, in this photo, he’s not at his own home, he’s on the neighbor’s porch, but it all belongs to him anyway. He’s playful, friendly, goofy and very polite, the kind of kitty I totally worry about when he’s outside, and he’s also the one who lies in the middle of the street, but I really do like to see him when I’m walking on errands and I just hope for his safety.

I photograph him on a regular basis because he likes to have his picture taken. You’ve seen him several times before, most recently in The Glowing Eyes—he’s the orange kitty on the sidewalk in the top photo. He was also part of the gang on the porch in Cats in My Neighborhood.

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2 thoughts on “Others’ Fine Felines: Don’t Touch My Geranium

  • I never understood the whole “I think I’ll go lie in the middle of the street again” thing.
    When I lived in semi-rural Connecticut, Chester the orange cat would spend his afternoons in the middle of a (somewhat-quiet) country road. Everyone in the area knew to look out for Chester and give him time to move out of the way.
    However, I do not understand how he avoided the vehicles of speeding interlopers.
    Chester was a neighborhood landmark for many years, and the street was not his ultimate demise. I think he just reached a nice old age and deteriorated and moved along to the middle of the street in the sky.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    dood…stay outta de street buddy…peepulz iz CRAZED when it comes ta drivin stuff 🙂 !


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