Friday, September 22, 2023
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Others’ Fine Felines: Agway Girls

tortoiseshell cat
My best buddy at the Agway.

I browsed the shelves of the Agway for my bird seed and cat litter and a few cans of something exciting for the Five and for Emeraude, and as I did a quiet little feline presence walked right up to me and did figure-8s around my ankles. She is one of two cats living at the Imperial Agway, rescued as a kitten and added to the staff to see how she would like working there. She apparently loved it. They tell me she can be a little moody, but she followed me all over the store and even out to my car. and saw me off. Perhaps JoePa knew I could use a little Tortie Treatment.

Below is a slideshow of other photos of her and Aggie, short for Agway. Both cats are rescues from the area and a private rescue near the Agway–which is called “Imperial” for the town it’s in, not because it’s better than others! They carry premium brand pet and livestock foods including raw for cats and dogs, and most organic controls for insects and diseases in the garden. Forget the mall, send me to Agway! See more photos of visits with JoePa and Aggie, and also the Agway I shopped at years ago.

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Other featured photos from this date

2012: Wordless Wednesday, Here I Am

black cat peeking around curtain
Mewsette peeks from around the curtain.

Mewsette peeks around the curtain at me, “How is this? Should I hold this pose? I’m ready for my close-up.” Click here to see the original post.

. . . . . . .

2012: Sweet

two black cats on windowsill
Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine enjoy the morning.

Mr. Sunshine presses his forehead into Giuseppe’s chest, just enjoying the morning sun together after a strenuous round of birdwatching. Click here to see the original post.

. . . . . . .

2011: A Kitty to Come Home To

cat silhouette in window
Mimi Waits for Me

Every home needs a kitty who waits in the window for your return. Click here to see the original post.

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8 thoughts on “Others’ Fine Felines: Agway Girls

    • Island Cats, imagine that–being in among the best food and treats, lots of people, and even the occasional mobile meal that runs around the floor!

    • Paw Relations, they treat the place like home, it all belongs to them.

  • What a Face!! Joe Pa has such a doleful, distainful expression. :)) Looking on yet another human.. who’s failed to meet the grade.
    I Love her already!! What a most gorgeous tortie :)) Seeing you off the premises is right!!
    The other one, Aggie, looks like ennui Henri’s L’imbecile blanc [ ]
    I’d look forward to going into the Imperial Agway, just to see them. Thanks, Bernadette :))
    p.s. I didn’t realise that Mr Sunshine was so fluffy!! Mmm!! xxxxx

    • Annie, it would be a trip to remember all the way from the UK! JoePa is much nicer than she looks, and Aggie really can be a little simple.

      Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette both have a little extra fur that’s just a little longer than usual. In winter Mewsette sometimes looks long-haired.

  • JoePa and Aggie are SO cute.
    How nice that they “run” the store 😉
    We loved the other pics today too,especially “Mimi Waits for Me” 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure, Tiger, JJ and Julie

    • Aggie is always friendly but JoePa is quite reserved–but really she must have known I’ve been thinking of my tortie girls. Lots of house panthers to enjoy though! Thanks, Tillie and Georgia!


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