Thursday, November 30, 2023
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On St. Patrick’s Day, Drink Straight From the Tap

photo of four blakc cats drinking from a faucet
A Drink With Family on St. Patrick's Day

Especially if you’re the Parched Puddies having your daily drink in the mint green sink! They’re not Irish and neither am I, but when you’re getting together with family and drinking from the tap in the presence of something green on St. Patrick’s Day…well, we non-Irish have to improvise.

This photo, for once, is actually from “today”; usually they are from the previous day’s download. All four do this every day, in fact doing their best to lead me back upstairs after breakfast to turn the faucet on to a drip so they can drink. Just this morning the light was perfect* and all four were drinking at one time, plus you can actually see the faucet (a little) and tell it’s a sink.

*Photographing black cats in natural light is a trick, and many of the other photos I have of them drinking in the sink—or doing anything as a group, for that matter—often turns out as a black blob with eyes and ears if I’m not careful. It was often difficult to tell what was in the sink, let alone the number of cats.

But the sun is bright today and reflects off the white walls in the bathroom and I’ve finally captured one of my favorite moments with these four.


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5 thoughts on “On St. Patrick’s Day, Drink Straight From the Tap

  • Jesse–it is a drinking endorsement, as the Big Four are great proponents of fresh water right out of the tap! This blog has become an important part of my career, so thanks for the compliment and for visiting.

  • When i saw this title earlier, i think it was on facebook, i actually thought it was a drinking endorsement. Well it is but… Wow, your blog is like a super blog. Spectacular work, Bernadette.

  • The fun part is that we all get to do things together! We keep mom busy with photographs. We grew up in the “old” bathroom with the dripping sink and tub faucets, so what’s the big deal about wanting to drink out of them now?! The bathroom was completely remodeled after a little water accident, but we still think of it as our first home.

    Marg, there are actually five of us because our mom still lives with us and she’s all black too!

  • what stunning pusskins… we are white (ish), but our Mrs H had a black puss before and she loved her a lot and thought her most beautiful! Wew drink from the tap a lot (and do that leading our human thing). Lovely shot and looking forward to exploring your blog further.

  • Oh my look at all those wonderful black cats. We have two here but four would be much better. One black one is still very feral but he is getting better. He let me pat him the other day outside of the place where he and his two brothers eat. That was really exciting for me.
    Anyway that is a really cute picture of them all drinking all at once.
    And thanks for telling me about your garden post last April. I left you a comment there too. I really enjoyed reading it.


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